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Student Driver Released and FREE to Play

I just finished up another little arcade game called Student Driver. In the game, you drive your car with the mouse and avoid cones and other cars in order to get to the parking lot. In the parking lot, you want to try and park as close as possible to the designated spot to earn more time and points. Compete for the high score online now! and please send us feedback about bugs, fixes, or tweaks to make scoring better.

The Magic Pencil and our Online Arcade

This weekend, I finished up on a nice FREE game for our new online arcade. The website aspect is still not quite finished and will probably see some more ad support (since it does take time to make these games), but the game is ready to play and enjoy. The top 100 scores will even be saved/displayed online. The game is the Magic Pencil and in it you are tasked with protecting your homework from these creatures who feast on it. You can draw with ink, paint, pencil, etc to protect your homework from these enemies. There is more explanation about all of the play mechanics etc. in-game...just click help. Hope people enjoy the game. I'm hoping to get a couple more games online in the next couple keep checking out our arcade. Please send me an email (mike[at] or post comments about any bugs/etc. and I will address them. Cheers-