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Magic Toy Chest Gameplay Video: Puzzle 20

I spent some time this week recording some new videos of the Magic Toy Chest. Obviously, it's important to have some trailers/videos of the game as it looks in its current form. Check out the shows a possible solution to Level 20 of the game/demo. I've also taken a substantial number of screenshots and should be updating the game's webpage soon.

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Magic Toy Chest Take 2

Well the good news is that the magic toy chest v2.0 is pretty much completed. It took A LOT longer than anticipated and cost a pretty penny to make. My money driven self really wants to release the game directly on my site and cash in and recoup the cost of updating the title and that very well could happen...but since I suck at marketing, I'm going to wait a while as I pursue publishing/distribution agreements. The Magic Toy Chest will surely be sold via our website at some point, but that will come in due time. Right now, we're working on finalizing everything, beta testing, and tweaking all of the 100+ levels that ship with the game.

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The Magic Toy Chest Updated Backgrounds

The Magic Toy Chest is vastly approaching its re-release... Hopefully all the time and hardwork put in to improve this game will pay off. To see all the new updated room backgrounds head over to: I left up the older backgrounds so people can compare the 2. Hopefully everyone agrees that the new ones are vastly better than the old.