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Top 5 Games with Longevity (NextGen)

5. Warhawk
4. Hot Shots Golf 5
3. Puzzle Fighter HD

*huge gap*

2. Rock Band
1. Halo 3

Indie Showcase: World of Goo Preview

World of Goo Gameplay Trailer
by 2dboy

I recently preordered World of Goo and was lucky enough to sample the first chapter (which I have almost completed....blasted tower of goo level!). Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the art style. It's hard to explain exactly what it is, but it definitely has a pop-up book type feel. All in all, it's shaping up to be a very unique and slick game. Just as dragging and dropping the black goo got tedious, I was introduced to some mind blowing other goos such as inflatable goos and green movable goos. I am really excited to see what other goos make it into the final game. Hopefully, World of Goo will get the notoriety it deserves when it is finally released...I think it could make quite a splash on the Wii. Simple gameplay permeates this game, but you have to be smart with your goos or 2d Boy will cry.

Storked Version 1.2 is now Available

We've listened to the critiques, collected complaints, and have finally finished updating and improving Storked. The new version has finally arrived. The new demo demonstrates a lot of the implemented features, but if you already own the full version, you'll need to download the update patch at Here is a list of the new features that the update contains:

  • Point & Click Mouse Controls - Tired of playing old school with the keyboard? Now you can simply point and click to where you want your penguin to move. To use your Penguin's abilities, simply double-click the penguin. I advise switching to the keyboard for jumping since it is still tricky.

  • Even More Frustration Free! Watch Puzzle Solutions - The first 50 puzzle solutions can now be watched via the pause menu. If you get stuck, just hit ESC and then click "See the solution"...the penguins will take a few moments and then walk through the solution. (Please let us know if you would like more solutions or if you are having problems with any of the existing solutions... the randomization of some game objects make exact solutions every time difficult).

  • Easier Kid/Easy Modes - These modes now allow you to take direct control of the egg (switch to the egg camera and use left/right keys) and roll it left and right toward the may not even need those penguins after all.

  • Additional Kick Power Gauge - Conveniently placed right over your penguin's head

  • The typical bug & glitch fixes - Hopefully we've stomped out even more bugs and minor flaws.

All these new features and Storked is still just $19.95! Play it Now or Buy it Today!