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The Magic Toy Chest Scores 90% Gold Star Review!

"There aren't many downsides to TMTC"

"Graphics are high quality and quite cartoony"

"This is a welcome brain-stretching exercise for all TIM fans, and ideal for parents looking to stretch their children - no violence, bright and cheerful, encouraging logical thought... and it might inspire them to tidy their rooms, but I can't promise anything in that direction! Now I'm off to try setting up a domino rally... "

Graphics 90%
Sound 88%
Playability 92%
Longevity 90%
Overall Score 90%

- Andrew Williams, Bytten (Read the Full Review)

Magic Toy Chest Version 1.01 Released

The New Demo version has been uploaded.

The full version patch can be downloaded here if you have already purchased the game. If you purchase the game now, you should have the latest version.

Version 1.01 Changes:
Fixed Total Game Time glitch where statistic increased too quickly
Graphically changed the title screen to make it easier to navigate
New Buy Now Screen (for Demo)
Fixed a Bug where Testing a Level without saving it caused an inescapable loop
Demo game setup no longer leaves start menu folder empty
Setup files and download size reduced/compressed

Magic Toy Chest Scores a Positive Review

1 day after release and the Magic Toy Chest already has a very good review under its belt.

Check out what Jesse Henning of GameCyte had to say about the game.

Highlights include:

".... the game is accessible, intuitive, and unimposing, presenting a colorful world full of amusing toys and an extremely basic premise and goal."

"Parents needn’t worry about their kids running this game, nor playing it — nothing even remotely objectionable can be found in The Magic Toy Chest, whose sole plot point is “The house is a mess. Clean it up.”"

"The new ingredients it does add to the formula, though, are all clever enough to interest experienced puzzle gamers."

"The Magic Toy Chest is a fun game, it’s true. It’s quick to learn and has a good amount of variety to its puzzles, and its cheerful motif will put a little smile on your face. Parents looking to amuse their young gamer progeny would do well to consider this title."

and don't worry we're already working on the few bugs/glitches mentioned.

The Magic Toy Chest is HERE!

The Magic Toy Chest is available for PURCHASE and DEMO DOWNLOAD NOW!

Check it out and support us and our passion for gaming.

The Magic Toy Chest will be Released August 12th!

Graduate Games is happy to announce that you will be able to download and purchase the Magic Toy Chest on August 12th! The game will cost $19.95 and you'll be able to pick up Storked! with it for 50% off. Be sure to check out the Game's Site to read the manual and get yourself ready for some wacky "incredible machine"- inspired puzzles.

3 Random Xbox Thoughts

1. Based on all of the fantastic Gears of War 2 Coverage I have been reading, Gears 2 looks to solve a lot of the issues I had with the first title. The Most important one being the irritating shotgun war that multiplayer became. Gears of War 2 also looks to provide a much more engrossing and intelligent single/co-op experience as well, so that’s good.

2. Whatever happened to Cheat Codes & Game Genies? Video Games used to be chock full of secret button inputs, codes, or simply hacked with devices such as the Game Genie. These days it’s hard finding any sort of Xbox Cheat Codes at all. I guess with all the new games, their save features, etc….cheat codes have just gone the way of the dinosaur.

3. Where’s GTA IV’s Downloadable Content? I specifically bought GTA IV for Xbox because of the DLC promised to come out, but it’s still not here…what’s the deal? By the time the DLC comes out will anyone even care about GTA IV anymore? I definitely got some more fun times out of the game with some of the Grand Theft Auto IV cheats (ok maybe cheat codes aren't dead) using the Cell phone, but I need more. C’mon Rockstar & Microsoft, where’s my exclusive Downloadable Content?

PixelJunk Eden Review

PixelJunk Eden continues the tradition started by Monsters of great games in small packages. The gameplay of this game is so simple. In Eden, you jump from plant to plant and can swing on a silk line. Your objective is to collect Spectra but they only way you can reach these is by collecting pollen and growing your garden. You do this by hitting pollen pods to blast pollen everywhere, collect the pollen, and jump in a seed. The Graphics and Sound are fantastic in this game. They work really well together and really create an innovative and original experience on top of core gameplay that has been around since the NES (I'm talking bionic commando & Mario Here). Eden really seems like it might be repetitive after playing the first 3 gardens, but as you advance further, the gardens all start introducing new obstacles and challenges (portals, launch flowers, gravity changing levels). Basically, Eden really sucks you in right as you are getting bored and tired of it. The only really negative thing I can say about Eden is that it is a bit excessive to force the player to play each garden 5 times to collect the 5 spectra. I would've liked a lot more relaxed system that ended the level when you collected all 5 or when time ran out. This way, in the first few easy levels you could beat them in 1-3 playthroughs rather than the required 5. This fact was most evident in the first few gardens, since this mechanic works better in the later more complex levels. All in all, Eden is one of the most refreshing Downloadable Games I have ever played. It's not for everyone, but if the surreal atmosphere and unique look doesn't bother you, you definitely should give the demo a try.

Gameplay: 9/10 - The gameplay is simple, challenging, and enjoyable.

Graphics: 9/10 - I love the simple vector graphics and look of this game. I do wish the early levels weren't as monochromatic though.

Music/Sound: 10/10 - The music and sound design is definitely the highlight of the package and brings the tone and atmosphere of the game together so it all works.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10 - Multiplayer is welcome and really changes the feel and challenge of the game. The later gardens really challenge you and are very unique. This drives you to keep collecting spectra to unlock even more unique and fun gardens.

Average: 90.00%
Tilt: +/- 0.00%

Verdict: 90%