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Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo & Metal Gear Online

Sony has really stepped it up since E3. The PS3 $100 price drop (while limited to the supply of the 60GB model) was immediately successful and boosted the PS3 to the top spot/most sold item on where it currently sits at number 2 today (Wii has reclaimed number 1 most sold in the Video Game Category). Xbox 360 Elite is 22nd. Sony has managed to show a lot of great games for the PS3 lately too. They've kept Metal Gear Solid 4 and Konami has announced another game Metal Gear Online which will feature the multiplayer element a little further down the road. Sony has assured that I will pick up a PS3 in the near future with they current strategy and I am sure many other gamers as well. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a must have title and the Online game sounds fantastic as well. Cheers Sony.

XBLA Wednesday- Bungie's Marathon and some board games

Bungie, the team behind Halo, had another sci fi epic for the Mac. This was Marathon and the 2nd in the trilogy, Marthon: Durandal is coming to Xbox Live this Wednesday. Sadly, the game doesn't look like the above concept art, but more like this:

The Xbox live Arcade release will offer 4 player splitscreen and cost you $10. What's real interesting about the Marathon games is that they take place in a universe associated with Master Chief. Are there Halo 3 clues or parallels in Marathon? Is that why it is being released close to Halo 3? Only time will tell.

Storked Beta is coming

Keep your eyes peeled for a Storked Beta arriving on this blog in the next couple weeks. I am plugging away at getting some levels together to play around with. You will of course be able to create your own levels with the level editor and I am hoping to take submissions for levels to be included in the game. The Beta is coming.

Bomberman Live next Wednesday!

Due to the excitement of E3, I completely overlooked the Xbox Live releases which Microsoft didn't really announce until Wednesday anyways. Just in case you didn't know, Sonic and Golden Axe- 2 sega staples arrived on live arcade this wednesday. So Microsoft was late this week, but is early for next week announcing a double dose of Arcade with Bomberman Live (yes!) and Yie Ar Kung Fu (huh?). Check out how sweet Bomber man looks below:

Metal Gear Solid E3 2007 Trailer

This trailer is certainly not the best MGS4 Trailer out there, but it's the newest and it does reveal that the game will be released in early 2008. The bigger news...MGS4 is remaining PS3 exclusive. Sony has quelled my fears and is having a very big E3. It's becoming a must-own console and I have to get it now...even PSN is coming together. Nice work Sony.

Halo 3 Campaign Video E3

Nuff Said

Killzone 2 E3 Gameplay Trailer

Screen didn't do this game justice...better looking than Gears?

First Killzone 2 Screen leaked...100% in game

Well E3 is officially starting today and there will be a slew of information, hype, and just gaming news in general. This screen of Killzone 2 is REALLY impressive, or at least I think so. Sony seems to be making some moves this summer and perhaps we've all written off the PS3 too early. Killzone 1 was a competent FPS with an amazing universe and artistic style, the gameplay was just formulaic. Hopefully, all the time on Killzone 2 has pushed the franchise forward mechanically as well as visually.

PS3 Price Drop Official

After Circuit City scans appeared last week, the rumor mill was working at full steam about a PS3 price drop. Sony refused to comment last week, but has finally made the rumor official. As of Tuesday, the 60 GB PS3 will cost $499. Finally, Sony has made a wise play and lowered the price of the PS3. It has become much more tantalizing now. Now Sony just needs some Buzz worthy games at E3 to offer gamers some titles that can only be experienced on PS3. Some titles that would really help Sony: MGS4 (staying exclusive), Killzone 2, God of War 3. Thank you Sony, now I may actually come around again and purchase a PS3.

Storked: The Brute Penguin

So here it is, the final penguin reveal...drumroll please....for the Brute Penguin. Of course, all these penguins will eventually have names, I just haven't finalized that yet so I am using the descriptors for what they can do. The brute penguin is the muscles of the team. He kicks the egg farther and can also lift and throw the egg to get it over obstacles and up to higher places. He sinks in water, allowing him the ability of reaching underwater buttons and other contraptions. His other ability is that he can lift and carry small boxes, which helps clear and create paths. Well that outlines all the penguins. Even these screenshots are dated, due to the massive amounts of graphics and game assets coming together. Look for more information soon.

Halo 3 & Bungie Update

Halo 3 is gearing up for more marketing and hype heading into E3. The above picture comes from the single player campaign and Bungie has said that we will see more of the single player campaign at E3. This 'campaign' shot looks remarkable. Graphics seem to be better when not dealing with the online mayhem of multiplayer.

This little Spartan above is known as a CQB or close quarters battle and is one of NUMEROUS armor permutations that are available in multiplayer. This is an absolutely great addition and should add a lot of variety to all the online fragging.

This armor permutation is known as EVA or Extra Vehicular Activity. These are the only 2 out of the bag so far, but the more the merrier.

Then of course there are the 2 new maps Bungie revealed. Last Resort is above and is a remake of Zanzibar from Halo 2 only much bigger. Below is Epitaph which is a small map that is very dark with a lot of bling corners.

What does all of this mean for Halo fans? Well, it certainly shows off how great a studio Bungie is and that the wait for Halo 3 will surely be worth it. I am very happy that Halo 3 was not a launch title and was given the time to grow and includes all these features. I am especially excited about the armor variants and it's always nice to see new maps/weapons/etc. Oh did I forget to mention...the brute chopper below:

Halo 3 is going to sell so many Xbox 360s. It is surely going to be THE multiplayer experience on a next gen console. The 1 player campaign has been highly touted and concealed as well so I, like many, am really looking forward to the whole package.

Storked: The Nerd Penguin

So here's another fresh set of screens from Storked! These pictures show off the Nerd Penguin. The nerd penguin ability is that he can acquire and use gadgets. Gadget booths are strewn across levels (or will be) that will endow the nerd with the specified gadget once he enters the booth. Some of the gadgets planned/included will be: Teleport, Egg Bubble, and of course the Rocketpack seen below.

When the nerd gets the rocketpack, he is all of a sudden endowed with reaching nearly any part of the level. Holding Up, adds upward force to the penguin allowing him to fly to high places or across immense gaps. The ability button will activate the gadget your are holding or deactivate the gadget in use (this is when the nerd pushes the button on his remote as seen in the first image). Obviously the nerd penguin is fun, due to his many gizmos and versatile abilities...he just doesn't have access to anything without his gadget booths.

Great Games Experiment

Get ready to be Storked- mo' screenshots

So decreased blogging has resulted in increased game developing. I have just finished putting all the tilesets, background objects, etc. into the game engine and have actually taken the time to get some screenshots as well. This first one is just a shot of the new tileset with the rockhopper penguin (he's standing in front of some logs) that was shown in the earlier screenshots. I plan on having a post and screenshots about each of the 4 gwins over the next couple of days. I have covered the Rockhopper, so now onto "Sport Gwin"...

The Sport/Athletic Penguin's special ability is to throw snowballs. This penguin is also sort of the defacto/default penguin. He sports a stylish red cap and is of average height/speed/strength. Sadly, I cannot really show you yet what snowballs do since they interact with the many game objects that are still awaiting graphics. I can tell you the basics though... Since penguins don't have opposable thumbs, activating switches can be tough...luckily hitting a switch with a snowball does the trick. Activating switches releases trapped penguins, opens doors, etc. Snowballs can also be used to knock down fruit from trees, topple things over to create bridges among other things. That's it for now, but more to come I promise.

Also added this game to the Games Experiment, so feel free to start spreading the word. Never to early to start marketing and all!

Great Games Experiment

July 4th sees Missile Command Released for Xbox Live Arcade

This release makes a lot of sense- what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to create your own fireworks over a virtual city as you defend it from Alien Forces. Think of this old arcade Classic as a retro 'Independence Day' where you protect your city from crazy red lines. Of course this release will see updated graphics and will be available for only $5.