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Storked: The Nerd Penguin

So here's another fresh set of screens from Storked! These pictures show off the Nerd Penguin. The nerd penguin ability is that he can acquire and use gadgets. Gadget booths are strewn across levels (or will be) that will endow the nerd with the specified gadget once he enters the booth. Some of the gadgets planned/included will be: Teleport, Egg Bubble, and of course the Rocketpack seen below.

When the nerd gets the rocketpack, he is all of a sudden endowed with reaching nearly any part of the level. Holding Up, adds upward force to the penguin allowing him to fly to high places or across immense gaps. The ability button will activate the gadget your are holding or deactivate the gadget in use (this is when the nerd pushes the button on his remote as seen in the first image). Obviously the nerd penguin is fun, due to his many gizmos and versatile abilities...he just doesn't have access to anything without his gadget booths.

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