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General Update- Next Title

Well, we should soon be featured in the Gametunnel September wrap-up. I hope for positive reviews, but ultimately we are moving into the true stride of our little company. I have officially relocated near my old friend and partner and we are hard at work on our next title. It is much grander in scope and will have a very deep story and comic-book / samurai jack type of artistic style (or so I'm told). I'm hoping that as the game comes along that we can release parts of the story (comic style) on our website, so people can start learning about it and generating interest. Of course the game is only in its infant stages, so it is very far off, but I can say that it is a platform style game with open-ended gameplay. Much like the old megaman games, or the more popular Grand Theft Auto titles, you the player will be able to explore the world and visit any world you like in any order you wish. As we get farther in the game, we will start releasing concept art, pictures, stories and hopefully a comic strip. The website is bound to be redesigned again so if you have any comments please email or post your comments. More as it develops...

We received our first review..5 out of 8

Well, I can't say that I'm absolutely thrilled with the 5/8 score. But, most of the critiques are fair, and I was particularly happy that we didn't get creamed in the graphics and music category. Some of the bads were easy fixes and tweaks that I hope to focus on and change, such as the length of levels and as for documentation, our online manual just went back up online. Regardless, if you are curious about the game and purchasing it, check out the review. Basically, if you like the levels you'll get PLENTY more and if you're patient you'll really get to the exciting and hectic stuff (I shall tweak the time of the levels immediately and hopefully fix the rest in due time...SO happy about the graphics and sound not being bashed!!! as I totally wouldn't have bothered doing a total overhaul.) Cheers and I hope people to continue to play and enjoy meteor mayhem.

Press Release for Meteor Mayhem Released

Today our press release was....well released for Meteor Mayhem. Thanks to for their affordable service. You can read the press release below:

Meteor Mayhem Press Release
For immediate release
August 1, 2006
Contact: Mike Gnade
Company: Gnade Games
Title: Meteor Mayhem
Prepare to Save the World, But Not Your Time with Meteor Mayhem!
Recipe for Mayhem: 2 parts arcade classic, 1 part puzzle game, 2 parts hero complex = hours of addictive gaming
Gnade Games, the home of inexpensive distractions, is proud to introduce its first major release, Meteor Mayhem. This action-puzzle hybrid was inspired by classic arcade games, and is sure to be a hit among avid and casual gamers alike.
Meteor Mayhem is an exciting race to save the world from destruction. The gameplay consists of building gadgets to protect your cities from meteors. Your tools include blocks that you can use to construct walls around cities, missile bays, ramps, cannons, and a lot more. There are over 10 gadgets in the full version! As meteors fall, they damage your gadgets, so you have to constantly watch them so they don't explode. You also control a vehicle that collects power-ups such as slow time, reverse, and black-hole. The vehicle can help by firing missiles or water and collecting/using the power-ups. As you progress, you earn experience and money to unlock more exciting levels and features.
The great thing about Meteor Mayhem is that it is absolutely 100% kid-friendly. There is no swearing, blood, or violence…only the occasional explosion.
It is the mission of Gnade Games to offer inexpensive and quality games and to provide gamers of all levels with quality entertainment. The goal is to create games with a lot of depth and strategy. They have the appeal of a pick-up and play game with intuitive controls and an instant fun factor. At the same time the more gamers play, the more they can develop their skills and strategies. These independent games have a retro feel with up to date graphics and innovative gameplay. Gnade Games creator, Mike Gnade feels “2-D games were drowned out by the revolutions in 3-D gaming. 2-D still has much to offer that has yet to be explored by developers.”
Full Version includes:
117 explosive levels
Exclusive types of stages: planning, boss encounters, puzzles, and flying missions
Campaign story mode and all the mini-games and practice levels of the lite version
Cooperative play
Fun physics engine to bounce, shoot, grapple, and push meteors
Particle effects, and rich, vibrant, unique graphics
Lite Version includes:
Tutorial level that teaches players all of the controls and basics
31 diverse practice levels, which include mini-golf and pinball
Tons of mini-games and examples of levels from the campaign mode
Great for challenging competitors for high scores
Cooperative play
Fun physics engine to bounce, shoot, grapple, and push meteors
Particle effects, and rich, vibrant, unique graphics
Pricing and Availability
Meteor Mayhem and Meteor Mayhem Lite are available for Windows 95/98/2000/XP. The full/lite version of the game features unlimited gameplay, free game updates and technical support.
The demo version of Meteor Mayhem can be downloaded for free at
Full Version is $14.99 and includes 87 exclusive campaign levels plus 31 practice levels and Tutorial.
Lite Version is $4.99 and includes 31 practice levels, mini-games, and Tutorial.
Both versions can be found and purchased at
Gnade Games offers a 14-day money back guarantee and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Learn more about the Gnade Games Guarantee at
About Gnade Games
Founded in 2006 by long time friends, Gnade Games is a dynamically developing interactive entertainment company focused on developing, publishing and distributing innovative and inexpensive games worldwide. More information is available at
Notes to the Editors
A free version of the game is available for review purposes upon request. Contact Michael Gnade at mike@gnadegames for more information or to request a free link to download the full or lite versions.
Production Page:
Direct Download link:
Screen Shots:

Meteor Mayhem Mini Games:

This video shows off many of the mini-games and gameplay variants available in the practice mode (included in both Lite and Full versions) of Meteor Mayhem. More videos can be found on our website and tutorial videos/hints will be posted regularly. Please send in your questions or let us know where you are stuck. Thanks!

For the First Review...Diner Dash 2

Now keep in mind that this review is only my lowly opinion and anyone and everyone has the right to disagree with it. As I sit here in my cubicle at work, I just can't bear to do any real work so I thought that I would officially start reviewing and talking about games that I both love and hate. I guess first I should list a few of my favorite games of all time and currently, so one may get an idea of the type of stuff I like (though it is diverse).

Favorite Games:
Halo 2 (xbox), Metal Gear Solid Series (PSone and PS2), Super Metroid (SNES), Advance Wars (GBA, DS), Goldeneye (N64), Mario Kart series, Ascendancy (old PC strategy game), and NFL Blitz. Keep in mind this is just a list off the top of my head, but I am a very strong supporter of both the Halo series, Metal Gear Solid, and Metroid (non-3D). So one can see that I am definitely a gamer and not so much a casual gamer, so with that in mind off to the review.

Diner Dash was one of the most successful indie games and inspired this sequel. Diner Dash is a pretty typical sequel that doesn't change the formula too much. Now let me start off by saying that I can completely understand the appeal of this title. When you first pick up and start playing the game, it's easy and eases you into the complexities of being a waitress very nicely. Each stage introduces new patrons or added features such as a refreshment center. There is also almost always a graphical upgrade to the restaurant that you can select based on your previous score. The story is forgettable, and basically tasks Flo, the amazing waitress of the series, with saving different restaurants from an evil corporation. You control Flo and gameplay consists of only utilizing the mouse to seat customers, and moves Flo around the restaurant. This is my biggest complaint with the game and casual games in general. Yes, the simple controls allow anyone to play and open up the game to a large audience, but as a gamer I absolutely hate that there is no video game skills needed to play this game. So while the game is great to pick up and play, immediately satisfying, and quite mindless, after about half an hour I grew bored. Download the hour demo, and most gamers will have had enough of the game. There's almost no incentive to keep playing after the first hour or so, because I don't really care about improving my score to earn upgrades such as the 3rd variant of potted plants to spruce up the restaurant. Maybe, that's just me, but as a gamer I want to work towards an upgrade that adds to the gameplay or unlocks a new level, not a new awning for a restaurant. This ultimately leads me to tell anyone reading this to download and try the demo. Diner Dash 2's gameplay is mindless and fun, but after an hour I expect that most will have had their fill. There are positives to Diner Dash 2, but the end result is that the game is just too geared towards the casual market to really be considered a good video game. The gameplay just is too dull and simple.

Gameplay: 5/10
Pros: Easy to play, nice learning curve/difficulty, open to a wide audience, strategy involved to seat patrons and move about the restaurant
Cons: The Gameplay is just a graphical presentation of what one does in Windows- click, drag and drop. Gameplay gets stale real fast, no incentive to replay levels to earn higher scores

Graphics: 7/10
Pros: Don't need a super-computer to run the game smoothly. Polished presentation, simple and nice looking sprites
Cons: I have no real complaints about the graphics, other than that there is just no wow factor, or originality.

Sound/Music: 7/10
Not really worth breaking down into pros/cons, but the music again is perfectly suitable for the game and fits. Again there are no memorable tunes that you'll find yourself humming, but everything has a nice polish. The crying babies are really annoying though.

Lasting Appeal: 3/10
Pros: playing levels again for higher tips unlocks more graphical upgrades for the restaurant
Cons: The above is no real incentive to play a level again, and the game can easily be beaten in 5-6 hours. For $20, that is not an adequate amount of playing time when you can buy used/new games online for under $20.

Average: 55%
Tilt: +/- 0%

Verdict: 55%
The demo is perfect for an hour or less of entertainment, but you are not going to get much more entertainment for $20 more bucks. Not for an avid computer or console gamer.