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General Update- Next Title

Well, we should soon be featured in the Gametunnel September wrap-up. I hope for positive reviews, but ultimately we are moving into the true stride of our little company. I have officially relocated near my old friend and partner and we are hard at work on our next title. It is much grander in scope and will have a very deep story and comic-book / samurai jack type of artistic style (or so I'm told). I'm hoping that as the game comes along that we can release parts of the story (comic style) on our website, so people can start learning about it and generating interest. Of course the game is only in its infant stages, so it is very far off, but I can say that it is a platform style game with open-ended gameplay. Much like the old megaman games, or the more popular Grand Theft Auto titles, you the player will be able to explore the world and visit any world you like in any order you wish. As we get farther in the game, we will start releasing concept art, pictures, stories and hopefully a comic strip. The website is bound to be redesigned again so if you have any comments please email or post your comments. More as it develops...

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