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We received our first review..5 out of 8

Well, I can't say that I'm absolutely thrilled with the 5/8 score. But, most of the critiques are fair, and I was particularly happy that we didn't get creamed in the graphics and music category. Some of the bads were easy fixes and tweaks that I hope to focus on and change, such as the length of levels and as for documentation, our online manual just went back up online. Regardless, if you are curious about the game and purchasing it, check out the review. Basically, if you like the levels you'll get PLENTY more and if you're patient you'll really get to the exciting and hectic stuff (I shall tweak the time of the levels immediately and hopefully fix the rest in due time...SO happy about the graphics and sound not being bashed!!! as I totally wouldn't have bothered doing a total overhaul.) Cheers and I hope people to continue to play and enjoy meteor mayhem.

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