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Halo 3 Public Beta Update

The Halo 3 Beta will not be available on Xbox Live. At least not initially. Instead, on December 4th, the internet will surely come to a crawl as people log onto in order to register for the chance to be one of the players lucky enough to test this highly anticipated game. Don't fret yet Halo and football fans, because there will be a 60 second trailer of the game airing during Monday Night Football (as well as online and on the Live Mktplace). The picture to the left is from said trailer.

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Small Arms XBOX LIVE ARCADE Review

Small Arms Review

This is one of the bigger disappointments of Videogames that I have faced in awhile. Not because this game is awful, but because if tweaked here and there, it could be great. Small Arms is a rip-off of Smash of the best brawlers around, sadly it does just enough right to remind you of the heavenly Nintendo Series while making blunders along the way. It comes up short in just about every category as I will get into. On the bright side, the characters are quirky and deliciously wacky, the graphics are good, the sounds are good, but it all just doesn't come together in a great gameplay package...simply OK.

Gameplay: 5/10
Pros: Smash Brothers Like, frantic multiplayer brawls and platforming elements, Great LIVE battles
Cons: Several things are wrong with Small Arms Gameplay... First, the jumping is not there and it is too hard to save yourself from a fall. Second, melee attacks are pointless and you are better off running for a new gun then bothering to press the B button. Third, the one player game is cheap and short. The CPU is programmed to just team up on you and I beat the 1 player mode in about an hour. Some more maps and characters would really add to the value as well. Finally, there is no defense or I have yet to figure any out...there needs to be a way to shield yourself from attacks or block or something!

Graphics: 8/10
Pros: Character Designs are great and all the characters exude personality. Bullet and Gun effects look SWEET! Backgrounds are 3D or prerendered and look Nice.
Cons: Animations and Characters are sometimes lost in the gunfire and zooming, I would have also liked to see the put in some pseudo-3D effects and scaling. Example: Having a Coloseum or other type of Circular Level where the Action scrolls around you and you can see fighting in the distance etc (not sure how well I explained that...oh well).

Sound/Music: 8/10
Pros: Guns and character sounds are excellent and fit perfectly into the game's presentation
Cons: Bland Techno Music

Lasting Appeal: 5/10
Pros: If you like it, you'll have a blast online with the frantic battles and zany characters
Cons: Every Character has a unique weapon but every weapon can be picked up during a match so....the characters don't differ as much as they should. If you like Smash Bros. like I do (even though I suck) you'll just think of all the ways this game could've improved itself to live up to its inspiration. Short Single Player experience (almost nonexistent) and more levels and characters would have only helped.

Average: 65.00%
Tilt: - 5.00%

Small Arms isn't an awful game, it just leaves something to be desired. It could actually be drastically improved by a patch which extended guns battery life and extended the dash distance. As it stands now, it is worth a demo download to see if you like the gameplay mechanics. If you're having a party soon, it could warrant a purchase, but otherwise spend your xbox LIVE points on something better like Cloning Clyde or Marble Blast or even Street Fighter II if you really need a fighter.

Verdict: 60%

Marble Blast Ultra XBOX LIVE ARCADE Review

Marble Blast Ultra is a next generation twist on the classic NES title Marble Madness. The graphics are even reminiscent of the isometric checkerboard of the NES original. It is made by Garage Games Torque Engine, a huge Indie studio that offers engines and platforms for a lot of Indie developers to make games. I personally have never used Torque Shader or any of the other Torque based engines, but I can say this about Marble Blast...It is by far the best looking Xbox Live game that I have played or seen. Super clean 3d graphics, and simple gameplay permeate through this title.

Gameplay: 8.5/10
Pros: The gameplay is very easy to pick up and play. As you play through the levels, each level offers a new twist on the gameplay from superjumps, to gyrocopters, to gravity altering properties, to moving platforms and hazards.
Cons: Not nearly enough levels. Certain levels (like black diamond) you just want more of because they are so fun to play. All the different power-ups and twists could've easily led to more levels and combinations. The difficulty has huge jumps from one set of levels to the next...beginner is fine and very easy...intermediate is about right...and then advanced is really hard! There definitely could've been a series of levels between intermediate and advanced.

Graphics: 10/10
Pros: The graphics aren't Gears of War good, but are as clean as many original Xbox games and this IS an xbox Live title so it's very impressive. The checkered ground immediately conjurs up memories of Marble Madness.

Cons: Variety of the scenery is the only complaint I think could be made by someone.

Sound/Music: 7/10
Pros: The starting sound when your marble is warming up is memorable. Everything sound wise is fine and simplistic (clicks/clacks of marble collisions, minimalistic music, etc.).
Cons: The starting sounds and beeps are the only things that I can really though the game doesn't have laughable voice work a la Resident Evil 1, this category is forgettable.

Lasting Appeal: 6/10
Pros: 60 levels, and a very decent multiplayer mode will keep you occupied. The gameplay is very fun and certain levels are just flat out fun to roll around in.

Cons: The frustration factor of some of the later levels may wear on you. The 60 levels can be quickly beaten (first 20 in less than an hour) and you won't really die consistently till advanced. The game is really short and unless you're into getting below par time for every course, there's nothing to really draw you back. A level editor would have made this THE BEST xbox live arcade game out there. Shame.

Average: 78.75%
Tilt (+/-): -0.75%

Xbox Live games are meant to be more casual or arcadey (not a word) and that's what makes them great distractions for when you're downloading the new uber large Xbox 360 demo. Marble Blast Ultra is one of the few original Live Arcade releases and that immediately makes me look favorably on it. I would much rather spend my Microsoft Points ($10) on a game that's new and I'ver never played before than spend the same amount on a older SNES, NES, classic arcade game that I've played already. Download Marble Blast and give it a try. If you like the demo you'll like the full game.

Verdict: 78%


This was a sort of an out of the blue game that I came up with over the past week . I guess I just needed a break from another soon to be released arcade game: Coed Crazy (look for it in another couple's getting there!). The gameplay is very simple, but there's some jazzy music and some cool effects.

Polka Dots! is an Arcade game with some similarities to the classic Asteroids...only you can't destroy or hurt the polka dots. Fly around and avoid the dots to survive. You earn points by doing daring moves and being near the dots. Try out this new game now! (click the link in the right margin...I'll add it to the website later).

Lost Planet Preview

I just recently downloaded the multiplayer demo of Lost Planet. I had already played through the first player demo and was really impressed and liked the gameplay a lot. The multiplayer demo is coming along. I only played a handful of matches, but the graphics and framerate were all top notch. I think I really need more time with the controls and mechanics of the game. I've been playing a lot of Gears of War and it is way different than that game. The biggest thing that stands out is that players are very mobile. You have a grappling hook that can zoom you to whereever it attaches (even the large mechanical VS suits). Players who were owning me were constantly zipping around. The controls are very tricky and are less traditional than most shooters. The VS suits absolutely dominate in multiplayer as well. I have mixed feelings about the multiplayer. I had high expectations because the single player was so awesome. There are things I really like about having to dig like crazy for weapons and VS suits in the snow, but I don't quite have the controls down yet and I hate how you can't tell who's good or bad by looking at them. I'm hoping that in the real game opposing teams will have different character models. Right now the way I told friend from enemy was by highlighting the target with my cursor which brings up their name and then checking their team color...not that fun when explosions are going on. The good news is the graphics and animations are awesome. The billowing smoke and snow debris is among the best I've seen. I'll definitely be picking this game up, purely based on the first single player demo- which is cinematic, exciting and more evenly paced. The story and trailer (which you can watch above) get me really intrigued as well. Definitely a demo to check out and a game to watch for.

Cloning Clyde XBOX LIVE Review:

A smaller game gets a smaller review. Nothing against the game, but since its more simple in nature, it will just save me from my verbosity if I keep Xbox Live Arcade Game reviews shorter. Since this is the FIRST! xbox Live arcade review I have to set precedent, even though I will be using the same scale. So onto the review....Cloning Clyde is a really quirky and fun platform/puzzle game. Basically, Clyde has been the subject of some screwy cloning and DNA experiments and Clyde (all of em) want to escape. Each Level involves moving your clyde to the exit in typical platform fashion. To complete a level 100% you have to get all of the cloned copies to safety and collect all the Killer Kenn Dolls.

Gameplay: 8/10
Pros: Like most Xbox Live games, the gameplay is simple and easy to pick up and play. Changing a Clyde into a chicken clyde, frog, sheep, etc. is the best part of the gameplay because it gives him different powers and is just a riot. The co-op mode is quite sufficient as well.

Cons: There is no penalty for dying. If Clyde runs out of power don't worry because a new one will respawn right where you were. This helps to keep the game from frustrating, but hurts the replay value since it makes it easier to help all the Clydes escape and collect all the kenn dolls. The switching between Clydes mechanic needs work.

Graphics: 8/10
Pros: Unique sort of clay-mation /pseudo 3D look. Character models and animations are perfectly wacky.

Cons: Background environments get repetitive...there''s a snow level, an office level tileset, a forest tileset, and a sort of rocky/grassy tileset. The graphics get stale and there should have been more variety in enemies and backgrounds.

Sound/Music: 8/10
Pros: Clyde's "duh" and moronic sounds are absolutely perfect. The squawks of the chickens as you punt them are humorous and work really well. The sounds really outshine the music which is just sufficient.

Cons: The sound and music is very minimalistic and forgetable. What's there is good, but more Clyde voicework would've been great.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10
Pros: If you decide to download this game from the Xbox Marketplace, you will be absolutely dedicated to playing and completing all the levels. It's the perfect game to play a level or two while you download your new demo or expansion pack and then move on.

Cons: After playing 3+ levels in a row, the game gets a little repetitive. You can easily collect all the dolls, escape Clydes, on your first play of a level. Difficulty is too easy and the game isn't necessarily that challenging.

Average: 80.00%
Tilt (+/-): + 0%

For a more casual game, this is way more my style. It takes some of the old school puzzle and platform elements and puts a wacky and humorous spin on the classic Mario formula. The puzzle elements never quite reach Lolo proportions (now that's an old school NES reference) but are enjoyable. Of the Live Arcade games it is one of the better ones available, since Cloning Clyde is an original release and not a rehash of a game I've already played a million times (MK3, Street Fighter 2, etc.). By the way, what's the deal with Ultimate MK3, everyone knows MK2 is the best Mortal Kombat.

Verdict: 80%

Halo 3 is Coming and I haven't talked about it!

You can't have a real video game blog without talking about Halo 3. Like many other gamers, I have been following Halo 3 very closely and absorbing all the information and screens available to me. has been the best source in the past couple weeks because they were invited to play the pre-alpha build and spend a day at Bungie. Please see this link:
to catch up on all of the news that I will be commenting on.

First things first. The absolute best thing about HALO is its multiplayer. Even with Gears of War out (and amazing at that), I still get frustrated every now and then and think to myself "if this was Halo that wouldn't have happened." I'm sure in the months prior to Halo 3, I'll pop in Halo 2 to brush up on my skills. I should also note that I am a Halo 2 Fan and not a Halo 1 fan. I got xbox right after Halo 2 was released and eventually bought Halo 1 to fill in the single player experience. Halo 1's campaign is much better than 2's but I am a Battle Rifle fan and not an Assault Rifle fan. Furthermore, Halo 1 had no xbox live. Who has 15 friends with controllers and TVs to set up 16 player LAN play? What is all this rambling leading to?...Halo 3 multiplayer

Halo 3 Multiplayer
3 Maps revealed:

Snowbound- covered with snow and surrounded by auto-fire turrets that will kill foolish Spartans who venture out of this map's boundaries. There is also a new feature in shield doors, which are aptly named since you can see through them and no gunfire or explosions can pass through them.

High Ground- Reminiscent of Zanzibar- a compound, a beach and with objective gametypes in mind. The new twist- mortars firing and exploding on the beach, and explodable hatches and environmental elements.

Valhalla- the successor to blood gulch- Valhalla is a symmetrical map featuring the new spartan laser, mancannon and spartan mongoose ATV.

Brute Sandbox:
The brutes will finally get their own weapon set and vehicles and this goes beyond the brute plasma, and bruteshot of Halo 2. There are spike grenades, a brute ghost and I'm sure much more when the game finally ships.

New is good! I'm excited for all the new weapons etc. to try out. The new starting weapon is going to be the Assault rifle. Hopefully it's revamped enough that I like it. I actually thought that the SMG was a decent starting weapon, but I see Bungie's point about the overuse of dual weilding and the fear after a respawn of being outgunned (though with the battle rifle as a starting weapon I was perfect). The ATV, Spartan laser and other new features are hard to comment on since I haven't played the game...and hopefully will all turn out well or be weeded out in the multiplayer beta. I am PISSED that the amount of grenades that you can hold will be halved! Yes we have a new grenade (the spike grenade) but not having enough grenades blows (Backwash anyone?). Hopefully, the spike grenades will be just as effective as the other two. I also don't know how I feel about the ManCannon which is pretty self explanatory and I guess shoots players across the map. Maybe it's just the name, since It sounds similar to the lifts/bounce pads on Ascension or Colossus. I am really excited about the fact that you can see both weapons a player is holding! The animation and ability to identify what a player is packing(as well as when they are changing weapons, reloading or whatever) was always one of the best things about Halo 2. Finally, we won't have to see that lacking animation of a player lowering his hands and then a new weapon blinking into place. Allowing guns to be slung over shoulders or attached to the hip will be absolutely incredible for multiplayer. I sort of already mentioned this, but the public availability (potentially) of the multiplayer beta would be sweet. Not only would it tide halo fans over, but it would help players work out the kinks of multiplayer so an immediate patch isn't necessary (Halo 2 def. improved after its patch). I really hope that the beta is available on Xbox Live for download. That would really justify the gold subscription and annual fee (Yes it's already justified and well worth it, but this would make it MAJOR). There's really not much to go into when it comes to the Single Player Campaign. Supposedly there will be a video record feature so you can record you pwnage of noobs in multiplayer or speed runs in the campaign (ok maybe not the whole run since the video can only capture so much). This will be a nice novel feature for the more hardcore player- I'm sure I would tool around with it, but ultimately not use it that much. It would be sweet if it had an autorecord function like that in Hot Shots Golf where quad kills or a multi sticky grenade kill is recorded and saved automatically. That's enough Halo talk for now. Just wanted to consolodate and summarize all the Halo 3 information. Again, check out for more indepth coverage of particular topics.

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OKAMI PS2 Review:

Okami is an absolutely gorgeous game. Yes, it can't compete with Gears of War, PS3's resistance of man, or any of the next-gen games in terms of photo-realism and polygons per second, but it can compete in the general category of graphics. The visuals in Okami are phenominal and amazingly stylistic. A new look you've never seen before, Okami looks like a living breathing watercolor. Words really can't describe the way the game looks like in motion. The gameplay and puzzles are topnotch too. The celestial brush technique is different and is really fun incorporating into the puzzles and even the battles (though I think it is sort of cheap in battle since it freezes the screen). One of the best things about Okami though is getting your wolf, Amaterasu running at full speed and just enjoying the scenery. Basically the structure of the game is like most other action rpgs: Explore area, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, gain new abilities, and gain access to new areas to explore. What makes this whole experience more rewarding and new is the fact that you are restoring color and nature to all its glory as you go. You can literally see teh results of defeating evil... trees bloom, animals return, color is restored, people reoccupy the area, etc. You truly start feeling like the Mother Goddess Amaterasu. It's really just an amazing adventure and the last great gem of a game that will probably grace PS2 now that PS3 is on the horizon and releasing in the coming weeks. An absolute must play for all Zelda and RPG fans.

Gameplay: 9/10
Pros: Your wolf can really run and makes exploring great. Drawing Stuff with the brush and puzzle-solving is really unique and different (outside of the DS at least) and works well.
Cons: The battles are fun and break up everything else nicely, but can be annoying when travelling long can see them and try and avoid them, but its still a nuisance when they get ya.

Graphics: 10/10
Pros: I'm not one to insist that graphics be photorealistic and find the vibrant watercolor graphics of Okami to be absolutely beautiful. The best Graphics on PS2 since MGS3
Cons: Nothing for me, but some may not like the stylistic look

Sound: 8.5/10
Pros: Amazing score and sounds- especially the wolf sounds
Cons: No voicework at all, instead each character sort of has a mumbly sound as the text comes up. It works within the theme well, but when most RPGs have full voice- it makes it seem lacking

Lasting Appeal: 9/10
Pros: The game is REALLY long. I've heard 60+ hours. I've been playing for about 20+ and have had it for a couple weeks. A long enjoyable Quest and a great stroy w/ some Mini-games: fishing, digging, etc. Just what an RPG needs
Cons: I'm not really sure if there is any incentive to replay an RPG, and this one is no different

Average: 91.25%
Tilt (+/-): +2.75%
Okami is the PS2's Zelda. A great Action RPG that will hopefully see a sequel despite Clover Studios (the team behind the game) being broken up. One of the last gems on Playstation 2!

Verdict: 94%

Gears of War XBOX 360 Review

Gears of War is the most widely hyped game in recent memory and only the likes of a new Zelda game, or Halo game can truly rival the hype and press that Gears of War has received. To answer the question: Does the game live up to the hype? Yes! I have been playing this game nonstop since I purchased it the day of its release last Tuesday. It is incredibly fun and addictive and I haven't played another console game since. Does it have its flaws? Yes, of course, but ultimately the whole package makes you forget about them. So what are the flaws? some may say the campaign mode is too short, this is the one critique I have read and would really argue with someone about. The campaign has only 5 acts and if you're any good at VGs and play the game on'll beat the campaign in under 10 hours. Casual is ridiculously easy and makes you the Suk online. However, Hardcore is a decent challenge without being frustrating (and I've heard Insane is...well insane). Regardless, the campaign is done SOOO well even if it is short. It has been tailored for Co-op. The campaign mode is fully playable with a friend over xbox live, system link, or on the same damn system. You can play with a stranger too, if you want! just search or host a co-op game. Maybe the 8-12 hour campaign is too short, but with diverging paths, achievements to be unlocked, and 2 different characters to works brilliantly. There are so many memorable moments and phenomenal battle scenarios that you can't knock it. Plus I would rather have a crisp, well done campaign leaving me salivating for more than some long arduous thing that I am beating out of obligation. The only reason that I have campaigns left incomplete is because multiplayer is where this games legs are. GoW focuses on Team deathmatch (basic and 2 variants) and although they could really use some more modes (CTF, Assault, whatever!) I have to admit that Team Deathmatch is always my favorite mode (whether call of duty or Halo 2) so at least there's that. The online play is absolutely everything it was hyped to be and is just so much fun, my heart starts racing just thinking and typing about it. Gears of War is on a very short list of online games that I see myself keep coming back to (Halo and MGS being the others). Yes, sometimes your mic stops working. Yes, there are problems connecting to hosts. Yes, the modes are limiting. Yes, there are tweaks that could improve it, but ultimately who gives a F*@k! The game is incredibly fun and that's what games are meant to be. You think about the game at work, you get frustrated when you don't win, and you hoot and holler with your friends online all night. Great Game! Worthy of the Attention.

Gameplay: 9/10
Pros: Pop-N-stop gameplay has been born and it is a whole new way to play a shooter. Easy to pick up and play
Cons: Can be very frustrating online...pressing A to dive when instead you slide into a wall.

Graphics: 10/10
Pros: The best graphics I have EVER witnessed and I only have 480p HD. Truly Beautiful.
Cons: Not as impressive as Metal Gear 2's graphics were in their time.

Sound: 10/10
Pros: Clear, quality voicework, perfect and visceral gun, chainsaw, and weapons of massive destruction sounds.
Cons: The COG guy with the mask looks so cool, but sounds like a tool

Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10
Pros: This is all about Xbox LIVE and if you don't have it you better get it- Amazing competitive multiplayer and the most comprehensive Co-op I've ever seen (even if its short)
Cons: I have to complain a little bit about the multiplayer modes...only 3?! Ridiculous...what makes it worse is that they all are very similar and are really just team deathmatch variants. Here's hoping that the new map release will also feature some new multiplayer modes and a patch to fix the DAMN voice/connection problems!

Average: 96.25%
Tilt (+/-): +.75%

Pure Fun and Pure Carnage. Yes, there are issues here and there, but you know you love a game when you are cursing the chainsaw and ranting about how cheap it is and what bullshit it is, only to use it the next match to saw and kill 2 unsuspecting Locusts. This score could easily be upped to 100% if EPIC comes through with some patches, updates, new modes and maps. Buy the Game, you won't regret it.

Verdict: 97%

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New Free Arcade Game: CatchThis

Catch This was just posted online last night. It's the simplest game so far and involves....that's right catching things! The object is to catch as many bouncing shapes as you can while avoided the designated bad shape. Catch the wrong shape 3x and its game over, but watch out because as the colors of the shapes change, so do the bonus shape and the bad shape. It's really harder to explain than play. Enjoy and compete for high scores online!
Scoring goes as follows:

  • Catch a shape: 1pt
  • Catch the bonus shape: 5pts

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Finally, there are some new free arcade games coming out. One is up, though there are still some tweaks that need to be made. Another one should be out in another couple weeks and Magic Pencil will receive an update and difficulty tweak (Thanks for the feedback!). More on the new arcade game in the morning when my eyes have recovered! Oh, there should be a Gears of War review sometime in teh coming weeks as well since I'll be picking it up tomorrow :)

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