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Why Donate?

Well for one, you're reading and enjoying our eloquent words for absolutely nothing. Not to mention all the free game reviews and free arcade games that we offer. Didn’t your parents ever tell you, “Nothing in this world is free.”?...well it’s not so pay up and donate!

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely want to offer our games for free, our reviews for free, and our content for free, but the reality is that these things cost money.

We do need to pay the bills after all.

So, getting to the point: Why Donate? Well, donating:

  • Helps pay the bills (web hosting, advertising, business licenses, etc.)
  • Motivates us to offer more game reviews and more free arcade games
  • Keeps our games cheap (as in cost effective)
  • Helps out a foolish indie game developer

Donating also gets you into heaven, protects children from the boogieman, and fills the sky with rainbows. Did I mention that donating is good karma? So if you are an avid reader, enjoy our content, received a game review, and/or have booted up our free games on occasion please support us in some way. Not donating makes babies cry and helps poachers kill cute endangered animals. Come on, no moral person wants that! It’s all handled by paypal and is absolutely secure.

Still not satisfied? Or maybe you’re just a cheapskate? Well don’t fret because there are still many other ways that you can help us and other independent developers as outlined below:

Get something in return for your Cash $$$
- The free game reviews and free online games aren’t enough for you?
- Buy another full Indie PC game through one of our reviews and you will support Graduate Games (a little) and the developer of the game (a lot)
- Advertise on our site and get traffic to your site. (look in the right column for convenient links)

There's absolutely no way you're spending your cash. You’re cheap but have a good heart, so help us earn money with absolutely no cost to you

- Visiting our sponsors costs you nothing and helps us pay those damned bills
- Leave us feedback, comments, etc. or send us an email so that we can improve our site, reviews, or games
- Tell a friend or friends about us and help us generate more traffic to our sites. Traffic helps us A LOT!

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If you still haven't done one of the above and are not even considering it then you’re just a real big jerk. You probably own a Nuclear power plant in Springfield, steal candy from babies, have the first name 'Grinch', or just simply enjoy punting puppies. But at this point I have to even thank the big jerks:

Thanks for taking the time to read this...I'll put a good word in for you (even if you tried to steal Christmas).

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