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OKAMI PS2 Review:

Okami is an absolutely gorgeous game. Yes, it can't compete with Gears of War, PS3's resistance of man, or any of the next-gen games in terms of photo-realism and polygons per second, but it can compete in the general category of graphics. The visuals in Okami are phenominal and amazingly stylistic. A new look you've never seen before, Okami looks like a living breathing watercolor. Words really can't describe the way the game looks like in motion. The gameplay and puzzles are topnotch too. The celestial brush technique is different and is really fun incorporating into the puzzles and even the battles (though I think it is sort of cheap in battle since it freezes the screen). One of the best things about Okami though is getting your wolf, Amaterasu running at full speed and just enjoying the scenery. Basically the structure of the game is like most other action rpgs: Explore area, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, gain new abilities, and gain access to new areas to explore. What makes this whole experience more rewarding and new is the fact that you are restoring color and nature to all its glory as you go. You can literally see teh results of defeating evil... trees bloom, animals return, color is restored, people reoccupy the area, etc. You truly start feeling like the Mother Goddess Amaterasu. It's really just an amazing adventure and the last great gem of a game that will probably grace PS2 now that PS3 is on the horizon and releasing in the coming weeks. An absolute must play for all Zelda and RPG fans.

Gameplay: 9/10
Pros: Your wolf can really run and makes exploring great. Drawing Stuff with the brush and puzzle-solving is really unique and different (outside of the DS at least) and works well.
Cons: The battles are fun and break up everything else nicely, but can be annoying when travelling long can see them and try and avoid them, but its still a nuisance when they get ya.

Graphics: 10/10
Pros: I'm not one to insist that graphics be photorealistic and find the vibrant watercolor graphics of Okami to be absolutely beautiful. The best Graphics on PS2 since MGS3
Cons: Nothing for me, but some may not like the stylistic look

Sound: 8.5/10
Pros: Amazing score and sounds- especially the wolf sounds
Cons: No voicework at all, instead each character sort of has a mumbly sound as the text comes up. It works within the theme well, but when most RPGs have full voice- it makes it seem lacking

Lasting Appeal: 9/10
Pros: The game is REALLY long. I've heard 60+ hours. I've been playing for about 20+ and have had it for a couple weeks. A long enjoyable Quest and a great stroy w/ some Mini-games: fishing, digging, etc. Just what an RPG needs
Cons: I'm not really sure if there is any incentive to replay an RPG, and this one is no different

Average: 91.25%
Tilt (+/-): +2.75%
Okami is the PS2's Zelda. A great Action RPG that will hopefully see a sequel despite Clover Studios (the team behind the game) being broken up. One of the last gems on Playstation 2!

Verdict: 94%

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