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Do you have a Particular Game that you Want Reviewed?

Game Reviews:

We offer free console and PC game reviews. Whether it is your own personal title, or a new console or computer game that you are hearing about or just played...we are open to reviewing it. Just post a comment on this blog (anywhere!) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

As an Indie Developer (who I must admit is not too saavy when it comes to marketing), I understand the need for publicity. Criticism and reviews can really help improve your game and generate interest. So if you have a game and would like me to review it, please just post a comment anywhere or contact me. Unfortunately, I can no longer guarantee reviews for games unless you pay for a timely (within a week) review through Review Me:

I also cannot bear to review and critique independent games that I do not find interesting, innovative, engaging or in line with my tastes. As a game developer, I understand the time and effort it takes to make a game and I cannot bear to trash even a poor game since it too took a lot of time and effort to code, compile, and test.

The good news is that any Indie Developers out there with a unique game concept, art, gameplay, or overall stunning title that grabs my attention will promptly receive a free (and positive) review. If given the opportunity, such great indie games will be featured on the Graduate Games Website for sale.

For more information on Game Reviews and Submitting your game, please visit the Submit Your Game Section.

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