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Gears of War XBOX 360 Review

Gears of War is the most widely hyped game in recent memory and only the likes of a new Zelda game, or Halo game can truly rival the hype and press that Gears of War has received. To answer the question: Does the game live up to the hype? Yes! I have been playing this game nonstop since I purchased it the day of its release last Tuesday. It is incredibly fun and addictive and I haven't played another console game since. Does it have its flaws? Yes, of course, but ultimately the whole package makes you forget about them. So what are the flaws? some may say the campaign mode is too short, this is the one critique I have read and would really argue with someone about. The campaign has only 5 acts and if you're any good at VGs and play the game on'll beat the campaign in under 10 hours. Casual is ridiculously easy and makes you the Suk online. However, Hardcore is a decent challenge without being frustrating (and I've heard Insane is...well insane). Regardless, the campaign is done SOOO well even if it is short. It has been tailored for Co-op. The campaign mode is fully playable with a friend over xbox live, system link, or on the same damn system. You can play with a stranger too, if you want! just search or host a co-op game. Maybe the 8-12 hour campaign is too short, but with diverging paths, achievements to be unlocked, and 2 different characters to works brilliantly. There are so many memorable moments and phenomenal battle scenarios that you can't knock it. Plus I would rather have a crisp, well done campaign leaving me salivating for more than some long arduous thing that I am beating out of obligation. The only reason that I have campaigns left incomplete is because multiplayer is where this games legs are. GoW focuses on Team deathmatch (basic and 2 variants) and although they could really use some more modes (CTF, Assault, whatever!) I have to admit that Team Deathmatch is always my favorite mode (whether call of duty or Halo 2) so at least there's that. The online play is absolutely everything it was hyped to be and is just so much fun, my heart starts racing just thinking and typing about it. Gears of War is on a very short list of online games that I see myself keep coming back to (Halo and MGS being the others). Yes, sometimes your mic stops working. Yes, there are problems connecting to hosts. Yes, the modes are limiting. Yes, there are tweaks that could improve it, but ultimately who gives a F*@k! The game is incredibly fun and that's what games are meant to be. You think about the game at work, you get frustrated when you don't win, and you hoot and holler with your friends online all night. Great Game! Worthy of the Attention.

Gameplay: 9/10
Pros: Pop-N-stop gameplay has been born and it is a whole new way to play a shooter. Easy to pick up and play
Cons: Can be very frustrating online...pressing A to dive when instead you slide into a wall.

Graphics: 10/10
Pros: The best graphics I have EVER witnessed and I only have 480p HD. Truly Beautiful.
Cons: Not as impressive as Metal Gear 2's graphics were in their time.

Sound: 10/10
Pros: Clear, quality voicework, perfect and visceral gun, chainsaw, and weapons of massive destruction sounds.
Cons: The COG guy with the mask looks so cool, but sounds like a tool

Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10
Pros: This is all about Xbox LIVE and if you don't have it you better get it- Amazing competitive multiplayer and the most comprehensive Co-op I've ever seen (even if its short)
Cons: I have to complain a little bit about the multiplayer modes...only 3?! Ridiculous...what makes it worse is that they all are very similar and are really just team deathmatch variants. Here's hoping that the new map release will also feature some new multiplayer modes and a patch to fix the DAMN voice/connection problems!

Average: 96.25%
Tilt (+/-): +.75%

Pure Fun and Pure Carnage. Yes, there are issues here and there, but you know you love a game when you are cursing the chainsaw and ranting about how cheap it is and what bullshit it is, only to use it the next match to saw and kill 2 unsuspecting Locusts. This score could easily be upped to 100% if EPIC comes through with some patches, updates, new modes and maps. Buy the Game, you won't regret it.

Verdict: 97%

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