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Website Update...and other MAJOR things!

I'm officially red-eyed and probably even more terribly near-sighted after some tweaks and changes on our main website. The changes will continue to trickle down and eventually will be applied to all of our pages, but for now you will have to pardon our dust.

Another major change is in the pricing of Meteor Mayhem. Meteor Mayhem is now $6.99 and the Lite is a measley $1.99! Basically, I'm not making games to make money...I mean some money is always nice, but I want to focus on excellent value and quality over profit margins. See previous post... So Yeah! Meteor Mayhem is cheaper!

Finally, there are some new free arcade games coming out. One is up, though there are still some tweaks that need to be made. Another one should be out in another couple weeks and Magic Pencil will receive an update and difficulty tweak (Thanks for the feedback!). More on the new arcade game in the morning when my eyes have recovered! Oh, there should be a Gears of War review sometime in teh coming weeks as well since I'll be picking it up tomorrow :)

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