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Lost Planet Preview

I just recently downloaded the multiplayer demo of Lost Planet. I had already played through the first player demo and was really impressed and liked the gameplay a lot. The multiplayer demo is coming along. I only played a handful of matches, but the graphics and framerate were all top notch. I think I really need more time with the controls and mechanics of the game. I've been playing a lot of Gears of War and it is way different than that game. The biggest thing that stands out is that players are very mobile. You have a grappling hook that can zoom you to whereever it attaches (even the large mechanical VS suits). Players who were owning me were constantly zipping around. The controls are very tricky and are less traditional than most shooters. The VS suits absolutely dominate in multiplayer as well. I have mixed feelings about the multiplayer. I had high expectations because the single player was so awesome. There are things I really like about having to dig like crazy for weapons and VS suits in the snow, but I don't quite have the controls down yet and I hate how you can't tell who's good or bad by looking at them. I'm hoping that in the real game opposing teams will have different character models. Right now the way I told friend from enemy was by highlighting the target with my cursor which brings up their name and then checking their team color...not that fun when explosions are going on. The good news is the graphics and animations are awesome. The billowing smoke and snow debris is among the best I've seen. I'll definitely be picking this game up, purely based on the first single player demo- which is cinematic, exciting and more evenly paced. The story and trailer (which you can watch above) get me really intrigued as well. Definitely a demo to check out and a game to watch for.

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