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Development Quick Update

The new and much grander game is in development and continuing to move along nicely. The overworld, freeform map and galaxy is actually almost done after many arduous hours. We still need to put in capital ship battles and maybe a couple graphical tweaks, but for just being a map to get from one planet/level to another- it is very fun. You can even start a war between the two opposing factions. Once Graphics and Animations start coming in for the platform/exploration part of the game, programming will begin on the actual game engine. While we are waiting on that, we've been working on the backstory, descriptions, and bios of the characters, galaxy, factions etc. Currently, the menu system and information database is being constructed so people who are interested can learn more about the world and story. Meteor Mayhem should be featured in reviews on gametunnel and bytten soon. Nothing much else to report. Cheers-

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