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Gnade Games will now be called Graduate Games

The website overhaul is finished...or should be relatively finished now. Please leave comments or email me if there are any links or dead-ends or any problems with the new website. I think the new website has a much more professional and better overall look. The other thing that I should mention is that Gnade Games is now officially Graduate Games. Though some references to Gnade Games will still exist (for instance this blog), our actual company name is going to change since now that my friend Zak is on board it is just more inclusive and less pretentious to not have my name in the name of the company. Just keep that in mind and be aware that Gnade Games is synonomous with Graduate Games and hopefully by the time the first Graduate Games title comes out all this naming nonsense will be behind us. September is coming to a close and Meteor Mayhem will be featured in GameTunnel's September Roundup. This upcoming review is actually what sparked the whole website overhaul since I was never really happy with the website and it was just sort of a temporary fix until I finished up Meteor Mayhem and had time to get it really looking the way I wanted it to. Of course, then I sort of got pre-occupied with the new having the deadline of September was good. That's all for now. I will soon be reviewing Mario Hoops for DS since I went on sort of a DS spending spree and got these 3 new games. Cheers

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