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Halo 3 & Bungie Update

Halo 3 is gearing up for more marketing and hype heading into E3. The above picture comes from the single player campaign and Bungie has said that we will see more of the single player campaign at E3. This 'campaign' shot looks remarkable. Graphics seem to be better when not dealing with the online mayhem of multiplayer.

This little Spartan above is known as a CQB or close quarters battle and is one of NUMEROUS armor permutations that are available in multiplayer. This is an absolutely great addition and should add a lot of variety to all the online fragging.

This armor permutation is known as EVA or Extra Vehicular Activity. These are the only 2 out of the bag so far, but the more the merrier.

Then of course there are the 2 new maps Bungie revealed. Last Resort is above and is a remake of Zanzibar from Halo 2 only much bigger. Below is Epitaph which is a small map that is very dark with a lot of bling corners.

What does all of this mean for Halo fans? Well, it certainly shows off how great a studio Bungie is and that the wait for Halo 3 will surely be worth it. I am very happy that Halo 3 was not a launch title and was given the time to grow and includes all these features. I am especially excited about the armor variants and it's always nice to see new maps/weapons/etc. Oh did I forget to mention...the brute chopper below:

Halo 3 is going to sell so many Xbox 360s. It is surely going to be THE multiplayer experience on a next gen console. The 1 player campaign has been highly touted and concealed as well so I, like many, am really looking forward to the whole package.

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