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The Magic Toy Chest Updated Backgrounds

The Magic Toy Chest is vastly approaching its re-release... Hopefully all the time and hardwork put in to improve this game will pay off. To see all the new updated room backgrounds head over to: I left up the older backgrounds so people can compare the 2. Hopefully everyone agrees that the new ones are vastly better than the old.


DEITRIX said...

Man, those look great!!

Do you do the design/artwork too..?

What do you do in this game? Can kids play it or whats the average age group?

-talk to you soon!

Mike said...

I had nothing to do with the artwork that was all done by Helen & Zak...well I did do some of the menus/buttons.

The game is a physics puzzle game- sort of a fusion of incredible machine and crayon physics.

Kids can absolutely play it, but it's challenging for all ages.

DEITRIX said...

Sounds good!