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Current State of Affairs

Ok, so we are finally approaching the release of Meteor Mayhem and Meteor Mayhem Lite. I would say that they will be released on time in the next couple weeks. Perhaps, the demo and Lite could be released earlier. So I guess I should describe the game since the webpage et. al. is not quite up.
Meteor Mayhem is an action puzzle game that combines elements from games such as Tetris, the Incredible Machine, Missile Command, and there are many others that I've drawn from since I have been playing games for so long. So let's start with Missile Command: in that you have to protect your cities by firing lines at other lines. In Meteor Mayhem, you also protect your cities and you indeed can use missiles if you so desire, but this is where the Incredible Machine comes in. The Incredible Machine was a game with a bunch of gadgets where you had to figure out how to coordinate these things to accomplish some goal. In Meteor Mayhem, you have a bunch of gadgets that you use to build walls, ramps, cannons, missiles, etc. all around your city to protect it from the falling meteors. The Tetris thing really is just because Tetris is the classic and first block falling game and this game is similar to that in there are falling objects too...Meteors! Anyway onto the differences/features of the game:

For those wondering about the features of the game and the differences here is the plan:
Demo-Free (of course)
The Demo will have a handful of levels from the Practice mode and a handful from Campaign mode as well as definitely having the Tutorial to learn how to play the game. I think I will include the 2-player mini-golf mode in the demo but without the save hole feature (with it you could design your own 9-hole / 18-hole course). I am currently implementing the save/load hole, and hope that with it users will be able to save and upload their favorite holes to our site and then we can make them available to everyone. Thus keeping Meteor Mayhem fresh. Anyway, the demo will have a time restiction (somewhere between 4-7 days) after which you will have to redownload it, or decide to order one of the versions, which of course I hope everyone does.
Lite- $4.99
MM Lite is going to be our cheap casual edition. It will feature all 31 of the practice levels, so that's about 16 cents a level and when you factor in that the Golf mode lets you create your own levels, well let's just say I think it's a very good deal. The levels range from set up scenarios from the campaign to Pinball to Asteroids to Missile Command, etc. Of couse there are some levels in the campaign mode that are not in Practice mode. Practice mode levels will be unlocked as you earn experience by playing the levels and getting high scores. So the more you play the more you unlock. This is where the impatient may want to invest in the full version...
Full- $14.99
Meteor Mayhem full will have all the fetures of Lite and also feature the campaign mode which is planned on being roughly 75 levels (we will see how it ends up). The campaign will span different 7 regions: Mountain, Arctic, Forest, Desert, Tropical, Grassy/Variety/Future, and Space. (The amazing planet above I just had to use in this game even though it was conceived for another in-the-works title)
There will be 7 different bosses and puzzle/platform levels. Levels that WILL BE EXCLUSIVE to the full version are the platform levels, flying levels, planning levels, Send Aid levels, and bosses. Platform levels have you solve a puzzle to get your vehicle to a shuttle and move on to the next region, the flying levels have you flying this shuttle. Send Aid levels usually come near the end of a region and have you using your gadgets to get crates to the people in need before time runs out. Bosses are...Bosses that you have to figure out how to beat with the tools at your disposal. Finally, planning levels give you a minute to build up your defenses and then dump meteors at you continuously. If your plan holds up, you progress.

I guess some of this doesn't really make sense since no one has the opportunity to play the game yet, but check out the website because a description, screenshot, etc. page is coming for Meteor Mayhem very soon. As always, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

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