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The Next 5 Games I'm going to Purchase

5. World of Goo - Gotta support the indie studio 2d boy. I've previewed this title and it has a solid premise/gameplay and interesting art. I'm very impressed that these guys are going to get this game on the Nintendo Wii - that could make it very successful.

4. Little Big Planet - This game could be a huge hit with an immense online community. It looks like a solid enough game, but looks to bring community features never before seen in a console video game.

3. Castle Crashers - This game is officially done (as of last Friday via the Behemoth's devlog). I am a huge fan of Dan Paladin's art style, love the 2d brawler genre, and am thoroughly impressed with the shear amount of content jammed into this game. I can't wait till this baby is released!

2. Killzone 2 - Probably the best looking graphics I've seen in a video game.... I liked the original, love the art style, and hope that this puppy lives up to the hype.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4 - the MGO beta was great (minus the registration), initial reviews for this game are coming in very high, graphics look incredible and it's being praised as living up to they hype and being the best in the series. I'm a complete Metal Gear fan so this is a no-brainer.

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