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Top 5 Scary Halloween Games 2008

So this list is going to focus on more recent scary/dark games that I played over the past year.

5. Psychonauts

Not really scary, but for some reason when i think halloween this game comes to mind. The levels are based on people's nightmares & minds which can be creepy...weird is probably the best description for the game though.

4. Dead Space
Just came out, but it's pretty freaky and visceral.

3. The Darkness A very riveting 1-player campaign...and while it lacks jump in your seat moments, It certainly is dark and disturbing. Really good game.

2. Condemned 2
Play this is the dark, and you'll be creeped out. fact.

1. BioShock
If the Little Sisters, Big Daddies, genetic loonies and twisted dystopia of Rapture don't creep you out, then you're made of stone. The whole storyline and city is pretty f'ed up in this it's an incredible game and a must buy.

1 comment:

DEITRIX said...

Good list! I can't wait to play Dead Space. So many good games to choose from at the moment. :)