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Transformers: The Game- The Typical Movie 2 Game Experience

Let me start off by saying this:
Don't play this game if you love the transformers:

Play this game:

Transformers the game is a rushed game tie-in to the spectacular summer blockbuster. What makes it even more pathetic is that the Atari Transformers game released a few years prior on previous gen systems, played better, looked better, and was 10x more fun despite it being based on the new Armada tv shows versus the old classic material. Go try the old Transformers game out, it's a nice gem and a great value since you can probably get it on ebay for $10-20.

Let's keep this review short and stick to the points:

The ability to play as nearly every character from the movie is cool

Playing as decepticons is nice

Gameplay is repetitive and absolutely rushed: Each level is an open sandbox world a la GTA except all you can do in it is smash stuff, collect cubes, and play stupid side fetch games. The openness of the worlds is just not fleshed out, which leads to all the main missions (which take place in the sandbox levels) all the more boring and tedious.

Guns are pointless in this game- nearly every robot has a shield so you just end up running up and punching them

The driving physics are laughable, you can literally make a tight 90 degree turn on nitro by tapping the handbrake.

Collision detection/physics are just a mess- as a car you can get stuck floating on debris or behind junk as you blasting boost to plow through.

Cutscenes are unpolished- the actors from the film look nothing like their screen conterparts.

Smoke and fire particle effects could have been done on PSone.

It's really not fun to bash a game, but there hasn't been a rushed movie game tie-in this bad since Enter the Matrix. It's a shame too, because I loved the movie and the original TV show and enjoyed a game I played 3-4 years ago A LOT more. It was more impressive graphically and gameplay wise too which is ridiculous given that it was 3-4 YEARS AGO! Thank god, I only rented this game. Avoid this one at all costs.

Verdict: 25%

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