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Halo 3 Cryptic Email leads to more Box Cover

Above is the Halo 3 box cover...sweet...and by far superior to Halo 1...and on par with Halo 2. The cover doesn't reveal much and actually makes sense and is pretty similar in theme and overall look to the original CG sequence at E3 when Halo 3 was announced and the poster art. The end concept art is also better than a lot of the fakes and concepts that were circling around..

So Bungie sent out this really cryptic email about history repeating and all which led some fans to discovering this new bungie webpage which features a Halo Comic.

While the Comic is pretty interesting...reordering the panels gives you a sequence of numbers that leads to this site which prominently features the symbol that was drawn in the comic. Then there's an alien countdown what? we'll find out in a day or so, but many fans are speculating that a new video or vidoc will emerge. Finally this all leads to this hello kitty site, which references a different picture that you can see below:

So what does all this stuff mean? Well for one, Bungie is at it again with viral online advertising. They did the infamous "ihatebees" website which was a sort of online game, puzzle and marketing campaign for Halo 2. I think the most information is revealed in the comic, even though it's not much and is pretty straight forward and in line with all the other promotional materials, videos, posters and that is that....surprise!...the Ark is definitely on Earth right in the middle of Africa...the Cradle of Life. I was actually of the opinion earlier that humans were forerunners and that we emerged from the ark and began again after the cleansing of the flood. While this is still a possibility, the fact that humanity existed and witnessed the building of the Ark and the arrival of the sentinels, seems to dispell this popular theory. What else does all of this cryptic information mean for Halo 3? I have no idea and am not even going to start reaching and theorizing. The wait for September is going to be a miserable one.

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