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Storked Game Update/Info

So if you haven't been over to the newly designed Graduate Games, you should do so now. On our newly designed website, you will notice there are 2 games in development and one of them is really moving along. Storked is about 4 penguins who get stuck protecting an egg that a stork was attempting to deliver. The basic objective of each level is to get the egg from point A to point B (the exit of the level) safely. The Egg can be kicked by the penguins and rolls down slopes, and gains momentum accordingly...think Sonic when he is in a ball, only you can't do loop de loops. That's not the only connection with the 16-bit, Genesis, SNES era though. For those of you who are real old school gamers may remember a puzzle/platformer called "The Lost Vikings." This game wasn't all that exceptional, but did allow you to control 3 different vikings with different abilities, switching between them at any time. This is a key part of Storked since every penguin has a different ability to help get the Egg to the finish line. With the simple press of a button, you can switch between up to 4 different penguins. If all goes according to plan, there should be some screenshots available sometime next week. Keep checking back here for more information about STORKED!

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