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Shadowrun Review

Shadowrun is the first dual platform Xbox/Vista game. Poor PC gamers have to purchase the game, a Windows Live account (the PC version of Xbox Live), and probably a gamepad. Luckily for 360 owners, you probably have everything but the game...but you may not even want that.

Gameplay: 7/10
Pros: Magic/Tech elements work well and being able to resurrect fallen teammates is a great addition. Using the 3 mapped abilities is easily done and it all rounds out to be a very different FPS experience with lots of depth and strategies to be worked out.
Cons: Only 3 ability slots sucks because changing abilities leaves you completely vulnerable and is awkward in the middle of a match. Why not use the d-pad to hold 4 more abilities? The game is multiplayer only which is a real shame since the abilities could've made some interesting levels and missions.

Graphics: 7/10
Pros: Magic effects look pretty cool and all the abilities are animated really well. Different character classes, weapons are easily identified. Levels look good. Visuals are decent.
Cons: No climbing animation! Characters just float up ladders! There is a total lack of variety/customization with the races...every RNA human looks the same, every Lineage dwarf looks the same, etc. with only 2 factions this seems ridiculous.

Sound/Music: 8/10
Pros: The training has good voicework, sound effects are very diverse (from magical zaps to machine guns spewing lead) and the music fits the mood of the gameplay and level.
Cons: Music is forgettable and the overall audio experience is on par with other titles.

Lasting Appeal: 5/10
Pros: There are a lot of nuances, weapons, abilities, and characters classes to experiment with and learn how to use. The combinations of abilities, weapons, and classes really affect how you play this unique first person shooter. Online multiplayer with up to 16 people on xbox and Vista is a first.
Cons: Only 9 maps, a handful of modes, multiplayer only, 8 or so abilities, techs, and weapons and 4 races is not worth $60. The gameplay online is tough to get into and there's a steep learning curve.

Average: 67.50%
Tilt: - 3.50%

A $60 pricetag for this game is pretty infuriating. You only get 9 maps and judging from the Xbox Marketplace 4-6 maps go for about $ let's say $20 for 9. $10 buys you a casual Xbox Live Arcade title so since this one has better graphics and all that, lets say $20. That leaves us with a $40 game, now subtract $5-10 for not taking the time to animate climbing or making more modes and you are left with a $30-$35 game. At that price, Shadowrun would be a fair deal and would make the experience enjoyable. At $60, this game is an entire rip-off...and while the game is not's price forces you to compare it with all the other $60 titles out there which feel like much more complete packages in comparison.

Verdict: 64%


gnome said...

But, but, but.. it's not an RPG! Heretics!!!

(waves fist a la Basil Fawlty)

raymacfla said...

Circiut City is giving this game away with the purchase of Halo 2. It appears to have the earmark of a failed attempt by Microsoft to profit off of the backs of PC gamers. Note to Bill: PC gamers are used to getting multiplayer service for free.

Now, if only EA billboards were abolished........