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5 Video Game Things I think...

  1. That Castle Crashers ( will be the greatest Xbox Live Arcade game ever. Now when the hell does it come out? I've heard not till 2008...d'oh! Microsoft will you please tell us the Arcade Release schedule. Telling us on Monday which game is coming out Wednesday isn't good enough.
  2. That Playstation 2 has seen its last great game in God of War 2 and that God of War 3 would really help the PS3 out.
  3. That the Shotgun in Gears of War is WAY too powerful now and that there is a dominating Host advantage with the weapon, thus diminishing GOW's online multiplayer significantly. Vegas anyone?
  4. That the new is quite possibly the best integration of webpage and game that I have ever seen and that they have taken stat tracking and game strategy to a whole new level. BTW where the hell is the Halo 3 is that taking too long.
  5. That Nintendo DS hasn't seen a good game come out since the Holiday season and Pokemon Pearl and Diamond (or whatever) are not what is going to make me dust the DS off. Where is Zelda Phantom Hourglass? How bout a Metroid Fusion 2? I need some games to look forward to here.

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