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Halo 3...September Release!

The internet has been all a twitter with news that Halo 3 may indeed ship 2 months early and come on some time in September. Microsoft mentioned in a talk at the Game Developers Conference that Fable saw a nice doulbe bump when it came out in the early fall and then was picked up right around Christmas too. Add to that some anonymous sources and developers confirming Halo's early release and we have a rumor that may actually end up being true. It would make sense after all. By releasing Halo 3 early, Microsoft would be able to sell some more systems early and get a head start on their competition before the holiday season. Microsoft is pretty darn good with marketing...especially of recently. This would be quite a slick move and would definitely blow the competitions assumptions of a November release. We'll have to wait and see, but I just hope that they take the time to make it ready when it is ready. I want my Halo 3 to be better than 2.

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