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Xbox Live Booms

Xbox Live Subscribers hit 6 million...Microsoft announced this factoid and others at GDC 2007. Yes it's a little bragging and patting on the back, but still interesting statistics:

2.3 billion hours (or 95 million days or 260,000 years) of 360 games played online since Xbox Live's November 2002 launch. 710 million of those hours have been spent on Halo 2 alone.

Average of over 2 million text and voice messages sent over Xbox Live every day.

Average of 22 friends on every gold subscriber's friends list.

Total of nearly 300 million achievements unlocked by all 360 users with a combined Gamerscore of 7.5 billion.

Halo 2 and Gears of War continue to hold the top two spots on worldwide Xbox Live titles based on the number of unique users to play each game.

70% of Xbox Live users downloading content on Live Marketplace AND Xbox Live Arcade games adding up to over 135 million downloads since the 360's launch.

Over 5 billion Microsoft points bought/activated on Xbox Live. For those wondering just how much we're lining Microsoft's moneybags, that's nearly $27 million in virtual money.

The top five most-downloaded Xbox Live Arcade games (in order): Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting, Bankshot Billiards 2, Marble Blast Ultra, Uno, and Doom.

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