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The Halo Skill is back!..coming back

So over the weekend, the new Halo 3 control scheme has become more familiar and my skill is quickly returning. It hit me after THIS match on Valhalla: 24 kills / 6 deaths - that's what I'm talking about! Lucky for me, the Battle Rifle has not been changed much from Halo 2. I do not get the Spartan Laser at all! I have only managed to blast some vehicles with it. Perhaps I should try it some more, but I find it easy to evade (has a warning laser after all) and too long to charge. I think it's for players who are into snipers and all that...not for me. I'm OK with a sniper, but really triumph with that good ole BR in my hand. The BR / Assault Rifle combo really makes you feel all warm inside and gives you the ability to be a formidable adversary in nearly any situation. Sadly, I will have to reduce my Halo 3 playing somewhat this week so that I can get some things done on the games we have in development. In closing, the Beta is really polished. I have experienced no real bugs other than some laggy play and/or long wait times for matchmaking (maybe they just felt long). The wait for Halo 3 needs to be over because the 3 maps are just not enough. It's really time to reserve that copy today.

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