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Retro Garbage for Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays

Perhaps garbage is a strong word, but I have not ever heard of either of these games: Xevious & Rush N Attack. Considering that nearly every retro release so far has been a staple of the 80s arcades or early home consoles, I am surprised that with two classic releases I have heard of neither. Needless to say I haven't played either of them, but judging from the screens I don't really feel the need to. Let's break them down:

Rush N Attack looks somewhat decent and is a sidescrolling action game. The thing is there are only 4 stages! I've played plenty of sidescrollers in my day and this looks like an arcade adaptation of Konami's popular Metal Gear series. It's not like this is Final Fight or Metal Slug, why should I care? The redone graphics look nice and maybe if you've heard or played this game you can shed some light on it for me and let me know if it is any good.

Xevious is the big dud this week with Graphics so bad, you'll wonder why people ever played videogames. It's a typical vertical scrolling shooter that is surely very difficult and frustrating. Why any one would pay $5 to play this game when they could play a free sidescrolling shooter (Aegis Wing) is beyond me. Add to that Aegis Wing's vastly better graphics and co-op play and you have a real mind bender on your hands. Perhaps Nostalgia wins out way more than I am aware of with this retro releases.

At least I still have CATAN on Live Arcade. I'll just boot that up instead of buying either of these oldies. Thanks but no thanks.

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