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The worst thing about the Halo 3 Beta

Besides that it will end in June, the worst thing about the Beta is that my Halo ability has vastly deteriorated. At my best, I was ranked a 33 in Halo 2. Granted there are higher ranks, but since I played independently in Team Slayer without a team, I think it's pretty good. Well, I suck now. Even taking into account that I don't know the maps, I'm just not where I used to be. Perhaps it is the new control scheme, or the switch from an Xbox controller to an Xbox 360 controller (my Halo 2 playing suffered during that transition), but I am not nearly as good. I've only logged 8 hours or so on the Beta, and I have seen vast improvements. I guess it just takes time, but all the Gears of War, and Rainbow Six playing has taken me away from the run and gun mentality in Halo 3. It's like riding a bike though, and there are moments when stuff just starts clicking and you're unstoppable. My best spree (8) was the last match I played on Snowbound. I'm getting away from the point of this post which is to say that the worst thing about the Beta is getting pwned when you shouldn't. This doesn't really detract from the fun of the game, but it does make you yell out and call yourself an idiot. I mean c'mon! What was I thinking going up against a Spartan Laser with a Battle Rifle!...oh right the laser wasn't in Halo 2. My Bad.

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