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This XBOX LIVE Wednesday...Mad Tracks?

On, Mad Tracks has appeared on the Live Arcade games page. Mad Tracks looks to be a fast and arcadey racer with pretty decent graphics. By going to their website I found a May 15th post saying: "Mad Tracks XBLA has passed final Xbox certification and is good to go. Microsoft, D3P and Load Inc. are still adjusting a release date. Thanks for everyone's patience; the wait is soon over :-)I can't wait to get my hands dirty in those 84 leaderboards!!!"

I am going to say with quite a bit of confidence that Mad Tracks is going to be released this upcoming Wednesday for Live Arcade. This one came out of the blue for me, but it looks pretty good. I'm going to download the PC version and give it a go. Have a great memorial day weekend.

1 comment:

Ross said...

I wonder how this game will turn out - not many Xbox Live arcade games are very good...

Happy Memorial Day to you too!