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Addictive Football PC Review

As I write this Addictive Football is currently priced at $9.95, but according to Addictive 24/7's Price Rise Bonanza that could change at any given time. I believe the regular retail price is $19.95, which is typical of indie games. Just letting everyone know to not delay if they enjoy Addictive Football's Demo, prior to the full-on review.

Addictive Football reminds me of the old Genesis or SNES FIFA soccers (sorry for the soccer reference, I know it's football...even though American Football is the best damn sport ever). Much like the old FIFA's, the Addictive Football is very easy to pick up and play...and very fun to play against a rival or friend. Addictive 24/7 definitely succeeds in making a...well...addictive game. It lacks real teams, players, etc. but that's to be expected. It may not be for everyone at $20, but is certainly a deal at $9.95.

Gameplay: 8/10
Pros: Ah the simplicity of the 16-bit era, Controls are simple: pass, shoot, and move- and work well. The goalies are smart and surprisingly adept. Easy to pick up and play and great with a friend.
Cons: I found the players moved sort of slow. The AI was a little too good for my tastes. My biggest gripe though was the lack of a defensive tackle or similar's a fun little football game and there's no reason there can't be some tackling look at Mario Strikers- you can push and tackle anybody...and it makes it really fun.

Graphics: 7/10
Pros: Clean graphics, with easily discernable teams and players. The ball is easy to follow and the graphics are very much in the 16-bit vein with a higher pixel count. I particularly liked the menus as well.
Cons: Player models are a bit goofy and kiddy (in the menus and in the celebration GOAL Window). Definite lack of WOW factor and variety in the graphics.

Sound/Music: 8/10
Pros: Fits the style of the game and blends really well with the gameplay and theme. Music definitely gets your heart pumping for competition. I was also fond of the kick and other ball sounds.
Cons: Sufficient sound, but again there is sort of a lack of variety and focus in the sound/music department. Everything, but the theme/menu music and ball sounds fades from memory.

Lasting Appeal: 8.5/10
Pros: 4 types of pitches, 10 teams, and 5 different gamemodes. The best of all of this is the Custom mode which allows you to set the skills of your own players and create your own team. Multiplayer is really fun as mentioned above.
Cons: The variety of levels to play in is the biggest detractor. I would've liked to see a little more fantastic and fun an Ice themed Stadium or Lava and whatnot. This game isn't really a football sim, it's about being fun and I think some extreme pitches would've really helped the variety and lasting appeal. Online Multiplayer would've skyrocketed this score to a 10, but with Indie titles I understand the lack of resources and development teams to achieve this.

Average: 78.75%
Tilt: +0.25%

This game definitely delivers in the addictive department and is VERY fun against a friend. It totally took me back a decade playing my friends in similar games at each others houses every weekend (I am still a mean MK2 player). For $10 it's a real value and a great $20 I think the value depends on if you even know what a Genesis is and if you are a particular fan of Football (soccer) games or sports games in general. All in all, Addictive football is a very light and fun game.

Verdict: 79%

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Download the Demo


Didier Evrard said...

Addictive Football is a nice game however I think there is some kind of zoom feature missing. It would be nice to see the players a bit bigger.

gnome said...

I think it's fine as it is realy, and it does feel quite a bit like Sensi on the Amiga. well, almost...

Great review!

Gnade Games said...

I think a zoom feature could be nauseating if not done correctly...and could be very problematic (especially with multiplayer). I should also mention that Addictive 247 contacted me and told me there would be new pitches available of the more fantastic variety even- very cool!