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The Warriors PC Game Review (also for Mobile Devices)

Warriors is basically a portable RPG battle- not a full blown RPG- but rather a turn-based fighting tournament. The gameplay consists of creating a 4-man party and then fighting other parties of paladins, ninjas, warriors, and the like. Each character takes a turn and has a limited selection of abilities or things to do (typically somewhere between 1-3 actions). If your warriors triumph, you move onto the next team to battle in the tournament ladder. The game is awful as a PC title, and is definitely better suited for a mobile device (though it goes from 4 on 4 to 3 on 3), but is still a straight forward and somewhat repetitive experience.

Gameplay: 5/10
Pros: The gameplay definitely recaptures the old RPG turn-based battles of classic 8/16-bit RPGs (this is NOT ChronoTrigger or Secret of Mana mechanics people!). Gamesplay is straight-forward with easy to play mechanics.
Cons: There’s a reason people hated the random battles from RPGs of Yore! Selecting attack and then the bad guy to attack gets repetitive and boring!

Graphics: 4/10
Pros: Graphics probably work on mobile device well. There are animations. Classes look different
Cons: Graphics may look good and suit the mobile device, but are all boxy, too small, and lack detail on a PC. The backgrounds are drab, and the animations of the characters are minimal. Just not up to par compared to other games.

Sound/Music: 4/10
Pros: Sufficient for a mobile game…
Cons:…but lacking for a PC title.

Lasting Appeal: 5/10
Pros: There are a lot of different classes of characters and different difficulties. There’s also online rankings and some unlockables that could keep you playing.
Cons: If you are a gamer, you’ve played tons of games with a menu driven battle system before, the only difference is that those games were full-fledged RPGs with a story and maps to explore, plus you also leveled up and got the spectacle of powerful magical fireworks. This game is just the battle-system and an archaic one at that.

Average: 45.00%
Tilt: +/-: 0.00%

This game’s problem isn’t so much a result of poor execution, but instead a poor concept. It is probably salvageable and decent as a mobile game, but is just not worth $10 for the PC when games like Gibbage cost about $10 as well. Even if you loved the old turn based battles from those classic RPGs a decade ago, this game still might not be executed in a way that you would enjoy. All in all, I’m not a fan of Warriors.

Verdict: 45%

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