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Galcon PC review (also available for MAC and Linux)

GALCON website
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Galcon is instantly fun and playable. I mean you can learn to play the game in 30 seconds (see here) and each match only lasts a couple minutes. The controls are easy and there’s something about seeing hundreds of Asteroids-style triangle ships flying around that is very appealing to me. This game can be summed up in 2 words: Simple Enjoyment. The game is not deep and there are really no extravagant strategies or new features to unlock, but the game is fun and frantic.

Gameplay: 8.5/10
Pros: Very easy to learn and a very fast-paced strategy style game. The Tutorial quickly teaches you the basics, and the missions 1 player mode basically is a practice on varying strategies for online multiplayer. Galcon is instantly playable with few nuances. I love that victory is determined both by your reflexes and strategy.
Cons: There is a lack of depth overall in the gameplay. You basically just decide how many ships to send where. Having different ships would have been brilliant.

Graphics: 7.5/10
Pros: There’s something very appealing about seeing a screen full of ships crisscrossing around the galaxy. It looks even better in Multiplayer where it happens frequently and in a plethora of different colors. The presentation is excellent and the planets, maps, etc. are easy to see and distinguish.
Cons: There is very little animation or diversity in the graphics minus the change of color in the ships. The graphics fit the theme of the game well, and that’s primarily why I haven’t scored the graphics lower.

Sound/Music: 5/10
Pros: There is music and sound and it doesn’t intrude on the gameplay.
Cons: The music is repetitive and the sound is minimal. All in all the sound aesthetic is a bare bones approach.

Lasting Appeal: 7/10
Pros: The multiplayer mode and the great gameplay shines in this title. The game is instantly playable and the gameplay is very engrossing.
Cons: The lack of features detracts from all of this because you are left wanting a lot more….more single player content, more ships, more graphic and sound variety, etc.

Average: 70.00%
Tilt: -1.00%

I really enjoyed this game, but I do think that it is overpriced so I have to tilt the score down slightly. It’s really a +2.00% for immediate appeal and playability and -3.00% for lack of features and a $20 price tag. This game would be an absolute must buy at $10, but $20 feels a bit much since there’s a lack of sounds/music/animations/power-ups/campaign mode, etc. This game’s longevity lies in its online multiplayer, and restricting yourself to short play sessions. The game really shines when you get a multiplayer match with 3+ people, but sometimes it can be hard to find such games or that many players. Just download the demo, so at the very least I will be able to find more people online to conquer. The original game was made in a 48 hour competition and won a bunch of awards…even though this title has been reworked etc. there is still some residual simplicity from the original 48 hour competition the game sprung from. Galcon is a good game nonetheless.

Verdict: 69%

GALCON website
Download the Demo

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