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New to our Reviews

We will now sum up our reviews with these convenient recommendations:

The Scoring Breakdown for these recommendations and their descriptions is as follows:

90-100% - Pretty Self Explanatory, we consider games that score abover 90% to be excellent titles in their genres and incredible fun. Our platinum/editor's choice award and our highest honor. No need to try these games, they absolutely warrant a purchase.

80-89% - Our Buy it award goes to games that should absolutely be purchased and enjoyed (unless you absolutely hate the genre). If you are not sure about the game, you should absolutely take the time to download the demo (or rent it) and give it a try.

60-79% - Games that fall in this range are all good games, they just aren't for everyone. These games (especially at the top of the range) definitely deserve a download and a try, but typically lack broad appeal.

50-59% - Average games that need work in certain areas to really be above the crop and worth a purchase over the other titles out there.

0-49% - Games that really missed the boat and weren't our cup of tea. Gameplay felt like a chore and vast improvements are needed or in some cases a whole new concept.

I'm not going to add them at the bottom of all our old reviews, but I will add them to the Our Reviews Page. Like/Dislike?

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