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Real Life Halo Spartan Armor?

Check out this technological marvel...or not. I just stumbled upon this and had to share it. Above is an excerpt from the documentary "Project Grizzly." A movie where Troy Hurtubise documented the creation of his bear protection suit. Now he has moved on and is apparently the next Dr. Catherine Halsey of the Halo Universe. Check out these pictures of his latest set of armor, "The Trojan" ...obviously inspired by Halo's Spartans and their MJOLNIR Mark Armor. Supposedly, it can actually withstand bullets and knives. Hurtubise hopes to peddle the suit of armor to police forces and the military. It has some practical features...though no shield generator. Such features include a built in canteen and water system, a solar powered fresh air system, a built in recording device, a laser pointer, and other compartments to hold morphine, a knife, etc. It all only weighs 18 kilograms and Hurtubise says the armor can be mass produced for $2,000, so will we see our modern-day police officers and military in Real World Halo Spartan Armor? I doubt it, but found the story intriguing nonetheless. You can read the Newspaper article here I got all this from HERE. Sadly, I coudn't find a video of the Halo armor in action but I imagine it works something like this:


Patrick Stein said...

Here's the suit

QWEPZOR said...

That helmet looks like the "Recon" permutation given by Bungie to select few.