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Gears of War Annex is here with some Tweaks

So Annex came out yesterday after all. Unfortunately, I hadn't heard anything before I got home so I decided to play something different, but I am looking forward to it tonight. I have looked around and found details on what has been patched/tweaked gameplay wise. Here's my breakdown and opinion (sans playing it myself):

  • VGA Cable Support: Monitor resolution widths greater than or equal to 1280 now render as letterbox. In particular VGA users running at 1280x1024 will now see the game in full 720p (1280x720) resolution in letterboxed form.
  • Adjusted Assassination Multiplayer Gametype: Leader no longer has to unlock weapons and now has to be executed to die.
  • Adjusted Boomshot: Splash damage to be more effective rendering targets down-but-not-out.
  • Adjusted Hammer of Dawn: Aiming will be more forgiving of moving targets.
  • Adjusted Roadie Run: Reduced frequency of accidently grabbing cover while running.
  • Kill Message Ticker: Ticker can now be seen while down-but-not-out and spectating.
  • Annex kills (pretty much the whole mode) don't count for achievements
  • General: Addressed a number of possible exploits in multiplayer.
  • Lancer damage has been increased
  • If grenade tagged, throwing yourself at other players and killing them when you explode will count as kills for you

The last two improvements I am especially happy about, while the only tweak that sort of sucks is that Annex kills don't count towards achievements. Thank god that the Lancer is more powerful! This will hopefully stop gangs of shotgunners roadie running at your while you shoot them...only to die since shotgun is way too powerful. At the Gears forums, the most controversial change is the roadie run/cover system, but supposedly, once you get used to's better. This is one I really have to try, but basically if you steer and use your stick to point away from cover you'll keep running...seems like a good idea. If the shotgun host issue has been addressed then the only thing I need to fall in love with Gears again is a party ranked match feature.

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