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3 Xbox 360 Things...

1. There will be a new Dashboard update in May for Xbox that will integrate Windows Live messenging with the 360. With that will come such monstrosities as this controller with an attachable keyboard so you can messege your friends and all that jazz. Isn't this controller a little too reminiscent of the Jaguar controller ? The Jaguar was an Atari system claiming to be 64bit but was really just the worst system ever. Way to bulky! Original Xbox controller anyone?

2. Boom Boom Rocket (Bizarre and EA Games) Xbox Live title was said to be releasing mid-April. Since we know Live games come out on Wednesday that pretty much leaves April 11th or 18th. Sony may not be listening, but it seems that Microsoft is...that's nice.
3. Gears of War- The new Annex gametype is coming out very very soon, though it seems not today. Read somewhere that the Lancer damage is being upped as one of the tweaks..can I get a thank you! Finally, shooting a roadie running shotgunner will not result in you getting blown to pieces. Shotgun is way too powerful! but it looks to be addressed in the update. Coming soon after the update for Gears of War....4 new maps: 1 is a surface park with underground subway, and another is a marsh! sounds good...but will they be free?

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gnome said...

Amazing! It was a Jaguar mutation all the time and i just couldn't see it! Thanks for the enlightment mate ;)