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XBOX Live releases another 2 titles this week

Eets: Chowdown and Pinball FX are both coming this wednesday for 800 MS points each ($10). Eets is a puzzle game where you control the emotions of the main character to complete each level. Pinball FX is a pinball game where you can control the flippers with the camera or the controller. Eets is actually already a critically acclaimed computer Indie game. It's just really great to see all of these indie studios seeing success and porting to Xbox Live Arcade. I also much prefer the 2 original titles that this week offers over 80s ports. Look for an Eets review later this week (definitely going to pick that one up) or check out the PC version now and judge for yourself. I still wonder where Band of Bugs has gone. I really love Ninjabee and the games they have put out so far and have been looking for Band of Bugs every wednesday recently.

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