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Elite Beat Agents DS Review

Simply put...this game is fun....really fun...wicked fun even. Elite Beat Agents appears on the surface a simple little diversion where you just tap numbers in order. The fact is that it will consume your time and will play levels over and over again both because they are fun and because you lack the rythm and timing to beat the level and move onto the next one. Throw in an incredible multiplayer component both with only 1 cart or multiple cars and you've got one of the best DS titles ever made, because it is unique to the DS, has play mechanics that can't be recreated on any other system, has great pick-up and play gameplay, and is just incredibly fun and addictive. This game is an absolute must-buy for DS owners and is one of those rare titles that is a system pusher...i.e. you should buy a DS to play this game.

Gameplay: 10/10
Pros: Multiplayer is a riot and invokes as much smack talk as an intense game of Halo Team slayer. The main game's story is quirky, and funny. I can't remember the last time I actually laughed during a videogame, but Elite Beat Agents is hilarious and totally out there. There's nothing better than listening to a song, getting in the groove and totally acing a level. Then again just triumphing over a difficult level is pretty darn rewarding. Simple controls, yet incredibly hard gameplay to master.
Cons: Game is challenging on easy ("breezin") and really tough on regular ("cruisin"). It could be frustrating to some, but I have not gotten frustrated once having to play a song/level over and over again to beat it, because it's just plain fun to play.

Graphics: 10/10
Pros: Sweet comic book style graphics and storytelling...great artistic design and presentation. Elite Beat Agents polygon models are excellent and move very fluidly and comically.
Cons: Probably doesn't push the DS hardware to the limits, but the graphics complement the gameplay and differentiate themselves from other ten from me

Sound/Music: 9/10
Pros: Some excellent songs: Jamiroquai's "Nothing left for me to do, just Dance!" from Napoleon Dynamite is a favorite. There's also a great variety: everything from Madonna "Material Girl" to Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter Boi." All the songs and music are good choices and fit the levels. The voicework for the beat agents and commander kahn is very welcomed and sounds great. The best music/sound I've experienced on the system.
Cons: There are some song duds. I mean I have to take a point off for Ashlee Simpson and "LaLa"

Lasting Appeal: 9/10
Pros: The Multiplayer levels all have their own competitive scenarios...from fighting aliens to kids playing 3on3 bball which makes the frentic multiplayer even more fun because it offers some new cartoon stories. There's also an excellent Co-op mode and the game is just so fun you will want to beat it on every difficulty level and then play it all over again to get higher scores and grades.
Cons: An online component would have been nice, but if the song lagged or something it wouldn't work so I guess they can save that for #2. The game is so great you can't help but wish there were more tracks and levels.

Average: 95.00%
Tilt: +2.50%

Yes, I'm giving this a higher score than Gears of War. The reason being that this game induces as much fun at half the cost and can be played by anyone. Literally any one who likes music can enjoy this game and after the short tutorial will be dancing with the rest of the elite beat agents. Beware Kiddies because Moms and Daddies will be stealing this game as frequently as they did back in the 80s with Tetris. This game has that mass appeal while still offering challenge to more experienced gamers. An absolute must buy! A game that you will look back fondly on and want to play YEARS from now. Hopefully a new staple of the Nintendo Library.

Verdict: 97.5%


Elite Beat Agents

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