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Halo Zero...Best Free game on the Net

Halo Zero is a fan-made game that takes place before Halo 1. It is a 2D sidescrolling game with excellent graphics. I think the gameplay is a little shallow, especially for a game that bears the name "Halo." Obviously, the game is not sanctioned or related to Bungie in anyway...and that's one of the primary reasons that Doberman Software offers the game for free...they have to or face legal action I'm sure. I experienced some slowdown in gameplay on my computer, but that could just be my computer. It's definitely worth a look and a play. It's a very complete game and is 100% free. Graduate Games big commercial title that is in development right now will have a similar control scheme to Halo Zero (mouse, keyboard combo) but will borrow more heavily from Metroid when it comes to gameplay than Halo. After the Holidays and in the coming months, we should start revealing some pictures, art, story, and maybe even some screenshots. The game is very much still in development, and I don't expect it to be released any time fact I'm hoping to have it done in the next year or so....but more and more graphics are amassing and a lot of the space battles and ship travelling is already finished. Anyways, feel free to check out: to download and play a very decent and fully featured free fan-game.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes! A lovely game!

ibnu said...

Thanks for your article