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Halo is 2nd to Metal Gear in my Heart

As excited as I am for Halo 3, it is not my favorite game franchise. My favorite franchise is no other than the Metal Gear Solid series. First off, these two games are quite different, and although Halo 2's multiplayer was significantly better than MGS3's, I still prefer the visual presentation and tactical action of a Metal Gear game. Furthermore, the Metal Gear Game's stories though convuluted, entrall me every time. I didn't care for the Halo 2 campaign at all, and though Raiden was a poor choice in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, you had to at least appreciate the post-modern themes in the story. Kojima played with the reality between the player and Raiden, and the very reality of the game. Yes it was out there and not nearly as good of a story as Snake Eater... it was at least interesting and engaging. and can anyone really argue with the superb gameplay in any of the Metal Gear games? Simply sublime...with incredible depth and options. Will Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots be better than Halo 3? Only time will tell, but I assure you that I will buy a PS3 to play Metal Gear 4 and look forward to any changes or innovations in its fledgling online multiplayer. Right now, I'm going to give graphics to Metal Gear Solid 4 though...Metal Gear 2 on PS2 is still among the best looking Ps2 games (Metal Gear 3 Subsistence is probably the best) and it came out a long time ago. Just goes to show you what Kojima's team can do. The above trailer is not the most recent Metal Gear 4 Trailer, but it is impressive nonetheless. MGS4 and Halo 3 are why I love Video Games (sorry Nintendo fans, but most of the big N's franchises are stale to me).

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