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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Update

Happy Holidays everyone! Obviously the holidays bring good cheer...and more importantly presents. In the next couple weeks here's what to expect from Gnade Games and Graduate Games:

Reviews Galore!

  • Saints Row (Xbox 360)
  • Lost Planet (Xbox 360)
  • Dirk Dashing (PC)
  • Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (DS)
  • Yoshi's Island (DS)
  • Elite Beat Agents (DS)
  • etc.

New Arcade Games:

  • CoEd Crazy
  • Puzzler Project

There could be some reviews I'm missing, and who knows what gifts I will get, but that's all I can think about for now.

1 comment:

Ross said...

Merry Christmas to you too, and I cant wait to read the reviews. Nice site as well! Your link should be up soon.