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My Apologies, but the online arcade is down

Wow- I really missed the memo on this one! the V-cade which hosted the online scoring boards for all of the online arcade games is moving...their servers are down...I'm not quite sure. I guess that they are changing things for when Vitalize 4 comes out or something. Of course, fixing the online arcade games is of the utmost importance to me. I will announce when the games are playable once more and hopefully I will not have to change the code on all my websites and games. Worse comes to worse I will host them myself, but that will definitely take me longer than waiting for the Vcade to get sorted out. I don't know, I really just want the games back up since this obviously affects the release of my 2 remaining arcade games. How do people feel about a downloadable worms clone? As always, there are plenty of ideas brewing in my head. Nonetheless, this is a major bummer as I just went to go check the leaderboards (and perhaps play a game or two on this Friday- but don't tell my boss)!

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