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Co-Ed Crazy Competition- WIN $$$ 4 playing games

Get ready for the Coed Crazy Competition (and no it is not a porn game- so don't fear it). With an empty leaderboard, we are going to jump right into a competition to win CA$H. That's right a CA$H prize will go to the person with the top score in Coed Crazy on February 24th. Think of it as a belated Valentine's Day Promotion. Here's the details of the competition:

  • Anyone can participate (except me) and anyone who posts a high score is in effect entered into the competition
  • Any donations for the next 2 weeks will go to the "POT"
  • I will contribute $5 to the "POT"
  • The winnings will be paid out via Paypal, so you will need a paypal account
  • To prevent fradulent decries of "I have the high score," your posted highscore name must be your email address. So if your email is, then the high score listed must be boomski/(dog name) or boom/ski
  • If you are the highest score on February 24th, you must email me from the email that corresponds with the high score name. So if the top score is boomski, I have to receive an email from
  • Your paypal account will also have to correspond to the email.
  • As soon as I receive the email from the winning player, I will send that email address the Cash prize of $5+all donations of the next 2 weeks (so at the very least with Paypal fees you'll win $4.79 or something like that).
  • If you do contribute to the cash prize, I think you should comment below so there can sort of be a running tally of the total winnings. It will also probably encourage more people to add to the POT and hopefully a very large CASH prize will be accumulated.
  • Please comment with any other questions and I will address them.
  • I will not use email addresses for spam or sell them or any such ridiculousness- it's simply a way to pay out the winnings in a secure manner.
  • Good LUCK!


fatherkrishna said...

This is a great site! Can't beleive the lack of comments... Hopefully you'll get a lot more feedback on your posts now that The venerable Elderly has put you on his link list. I'll put you on mine too if that's OK.

Keep up the good work!

Gnade Games said...

THanks a lot! I would love a link, since I believe spreading the word to be one of the hardest things to do. Thanks Again!