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Frogger Xbox Live Arcade Mini Review

So Xbox had this promotion and I received 2 predetermined Xbox Live Arcade games free: Joust and Frogger. While I appreciate the free games, they were not all that good or entertaining. So to not waste time and words on them, we're just going to do 2 mini reviews on them...quick paragraph and a verdict...that's it.

Frogger Review:

While any game for free is pretty much great and worth it, the very notion that Microsoft would charge for Frogger is ridiculous. The game is the exact same game from way back when except it has Achievements and Xbox Live scoring/internet connectivity...whoop-dee-do! The development team merely ported this decades old game over to Xbox Arcade and added some achievements in...and a new menu. Graphics are the same blocky sprites they were back then. And the gameplay, which was addictive and fun twenty years ago, is bland and repetitive now. Wasn't there a new Frogger game somewhere along the way with updated graphics for Playstation or something? This game needs more features, some updated graphics, and variations in its gameplay. The classic game is nice to have but isn't worth more than a dollar up against other original Live arcade games like Outpost Kaloki, Small Arms, etc. Frogger makes other Live Arcade Games look good! if not great! Avoid this one. Frogger just isn't as great as I remembered.

Verdict: 35%

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