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Titan Attacks PC Review

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Much like Puppy Games other title Ultratron, Titan Attacks is really just a remake of the more well known Arcade Game: Space Invaders. Like most retro remakes, this game suffers because ultimately it is based on a game you’ve already played over 2 decades ago. It has the edge in graphics, and the same tight gameplay as the original. It really just comes down to how much you enjoyed the original.

Gameplay: 6/10
Pros: Titan Attack offers some gun upgrades, and a couple other tweaks to the classic Space Invaders/Galaga formula.
Cons: It’s a lot easier than the original arcade game…I count that as a negative, but more casual gamers will probably be thankful. When you die…you start all over again! It’s a remake that doesn’t really take any risks from the original formula.

Graphics: 6.5/10
Pros: Much better than the original and an overall aesthetic and pleasing presentation
Cons: Not much animation or things to rave about. Decent and satisfying enough explosions, but the graphics are retro and not the focus.

Sound/Music: 7/10
Pros: Retro and sufficient. There’s something comforting about the old 80s arcade music
Cons: game suffers from “been there done that syndrome” this goes for the music/sound too.

Lasting Appeal: 5.5/10
Pros: There are 100 levels and some boss fights in there to break up the level structure. Some challenge stages, and the much appreciated online high scores.
Cons: The novelty of Space Invaders has worn off for me, and I don’t really care to play a game for a high score any longer. It got monotonous for me.

Average: 62.5%
Verdict: -3.50%

So back with the Ultratron review, I said Titan Attacks seemed better…at first the graphics/etc. do come off as stronger (it does have interesting backgrounds that differ level to level). Even though the scores aren’t exactly reflecting this, I think that’s still the case. It really just comes down to which old classic you like more: Space Invaders or Robotron. The thing that is really ridiculous about Titan Attacks is the price tag of $20. I believe the prices were recently increased and there’s really no basis for such an increase. That comes down to 20 cents a level. Find an old Space Invaders Arcade game or Galaga machine and put in a quarter…if you get past level 1, you’re getting a bargain over Titan Attacks.

Verdict: 59%

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